Medical Examiner’s Certificate | Foley Carrier Services Video Quick Tips

Foley Carrier Services guides you through the recent changes to the regulations regarding medical examiner’s certificates for CDL drivers.

New Requirement for Medical Certification

State driver licensing agencies, SDLAs, will now be adding your medical self-certification status and the information from your medical examiner’s certificate to your Commercial driver’s license system, CDLIS, record.   Continue reading

Truck Driver’s Body Sent to the Crime Lab

The death of a Mississippi truck driver is said to be accidental.  Continue reading

Why No Young Truck Drivers?

All the trucking industry has to do is hire 100,000 drivers annually to combat the driver shortage.  Continue reading

When You Steal Your Supervisor’s Signature Stamp…

Learn what a former bookkeeper at a California trucking company did to deserve five years in prison.  Continue reading

Speed Limiters Cause Headache for Truckers

The possibility of mandatory speed limiters becomes increasingly more likely.  Continue reading

Pork Lovers to Face Disappointment

If things do not change in the food transportation industry, pork lovers could have very unhappy days ahead.  Continue reading

Would Bigger Trucks Compromise Public Safety?

What do you think will happen if the size and weight of trucks increase?  Continue reading

Update on FMCSA Crash Risk Study

Trucking leaders only want accidents where the driver is at fault to be included in safety scores. That seems fair, doesn’t it?  Continue reading

Best Practice Tips for Random DOT Drug Tasting

5 Best Practice Tips for Random DOT Drug Testing

Random DOT drug testing is something every major carrier and every driver who has worked in the industry is familiar with. That doesn’t make the process of implementing random drug tests easier.  As a business owner, there are many concerns that may arise within the company, and with your drivers when it comes to random testing.  Continue reading