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DOT Physicals: What Happens When a Driver Fails?
4 mins read

A failed DOT physical can be discouraging. Here's what to do if you or one of your employees who drive aren't granted a DOT medical certificate.

As we’ve discussed earlier in our series on DOT physicals, all drivers must undergo a physical exam at least once every 24 months to legally operate a commercial motor vehicle. Oftentimes, drivers pass these exams without any problems, but that’s not always the case.

In some cases, the disqualification is unfortunately necessary because the person’s health would pose a threat to themself and the general public if they were to get behind the wheel of a truck. But sometimes the lines aren’t quite as clear, and what passes easily with one medical examiner might give another pause.

Because of this, the FMCSA has approved drivers to get a second opinion as long as they are upfront and honest about their medical history with the next medical examiner. Leaving out information during their DOT physical that could lead to a disqualification, or outright lying about their health, is illegal and can lead to fines against the driver.

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Before the driver goes “doctor shopping” in search of a valid medical certificate, they should keep in mind that physicians must report the results of all DOT physical exams to the FMCSA. These results are due within 24 hours of the exam.

What Will Make You Fail a DOT Physical?

There are several reasons someone might be considered unqualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle for health reasons. Some of these reasons include the diagnosis of the following:

  • Cardiovascular or respiratory disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • A nervous or psychiatric disease
  • Poor eyesight that isn’t improved with corrective lenses
  • Loss of a foot, hand, leg, or arm
  • Alcoholism

Use of an amphetamine, narcotic, or other habit-forming drug is also grounds for disqualification — even when used under the guidance of a physician.

FMCSA Medical Exemptions

As we covered in a previous article, the FMCSA does grant exemptions for drivers with certain conditions when they can prove that they’re able to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle.

Known as “variances,” these exemptions are granted for drivers with diabetes, as well as vision and hearing issues. Drivers who have a missing or impaired limb that doesn’t interfere with their ability to drive safely can apply for a special variance known as a Skill Performance Evaluation (SPE).

You can learn more about these exemptions, and find instructions on how to apply for each one, here.

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