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Time is Running Out to Complete Your 2024 UCR Filing
Mariah Barr
5 mins read

UCR enforcement starts on January 1, 2024. Now is the time to take care of this DOT compliance requirement.

Time is ticking! You only have until December 31, 2023, to complete your 2024 Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) filing.

All DOT-regulated companies with drivers that will cross state lines in 2024 need to purchase an updated UCR registration. It’s only one of the many annual DOT compliance requirements you need to meet strict federal regulations.

If you want to make sure you’ve completed all your yearly DOT compliance requirements, download our free guide: Counting Down to 2024: A Review of Your Annual DOT Compliance Requirements. It’s the complete guide to UCR filings, MVR checks, and DOT Clearinghouse queries – all of which you need to take care of before the end of 2023.

Even though the window to file your UCR is closing soon, you may still have some questions about it. Below, we answer the following:

  • Do I have to file a UCR every year?
  • Can I purchase a multi-year UCR filing?
  • What if I didn’t purchase a UCR last year?
  • What happens if I don’t update my UCR?
  • How much does a UCR cost?
  • Where can I file my UCR?

Keep reading to find out what you need to know about UCR filings so your business can operate compliantly in 2024.

Do I have to file a UCR every year?

Because it is an annual registration, motor carriers are required to purchase a UCR at the end of every calendar year to follow DOT compliance regulations. Although the registration process was plagued by delays for a few years, registration is finally back on track for 2024. If you operate as an interstate motor carrier and are operating next year, you’ll need to purchase a UCR.

Can I purchase a UCR filing for multiple years?

No, UCRs are issued on an annual basis for the upcoming year only – something that often gets confusing for drivers with other multi-year registrations, such as HAZMAT. As of now, there are no plans to issue multi-year UCRs to motor carriers.

What if I didn’t purchase a UCR filing last year?

If your business was operational this year and it didn’t have a UCR, you’ll need to pay those registration fees during your filing this year as well. If you order your UCR filing through Foley, you can purchase both a 2023 and 2024 UCR during the checkout process so you don't face any issues with UCR enforcement in the new year.

What happens if I don’t update my UCR?

Any carrier caught operating without a valid UCR will be subject to fines as high as $5,000 depending on the state where you live and if you’re a first-time offender. Some enforcement officials will also detain your vehicle if you’re caught driving over state lines.

How much does a UCR filing cost?

The cost of your 2024 UCR will depend on how many trucks your business operates, with the lowest fees charged to carriers with only one or two trucks.

For a full breakdown of UCR fees, please view the chart at the bottom of this page.

Where can I file my 2024 UCR?

Foley makes it easy to complete your 2024 UCR filing. Once you’ve accessed the UCR filing page, simply select which year you’re filing the UCR for, enter your DOT number, and indicate the number of vehicles that will cross state lines next year. You can then file your UCR and check it off your annual DOT compliance to-do list!

If you have additional questions or need help filing your UCR, please feel free to give Foley a call at (800) 253-5506 before UCR enforcement begins in January.

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