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Pre-Employment Verifications Validate Qualified Hires

At Foley, we understand the importance of building a reliable and trustworthy workforce in your recruiting and onboarding workflow. Work with us and make better hires, thanks to our comprehensive employee background verification process.
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Why Background Verification Checks are Important for Employers

Hiring qualified people you can trust—that's the goal. One of the best ways to do that in your background screening process is confirming the details applicants share in their resumes and during interviews.

Standout Employee Verifications for Qualified Hires
Standout Employee Verifications for Qualified Hires
Pre-Employment Verifications
Our employment and education verification background checks provide a comprehensive assessment of a candidate's qualifications and history. Know that you're hiring the most qualified individuals for your organization.
Personal Data Verifications 
We verify SSI and U.S. work eligibility so your workforce complies with federal regulations. Our consent-based SSN verification, E-Verify, and electronic I-9 services streamline the process so you can fill open...
Candidate Text Messaging Turnaround
By contacting references via text message instead of solely email, Foley decreases the time it takes to complete verifications by 13%. We offer a modern approach to the employment verification background check process.
Even More Pre-Hire Background Checks 
In addition to employment and education verifications, we provide other background checks to round out your hiring process, including criminal background checks, MVR checks, drug tests, and social media screens.
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Ready to Use Background Verifications to Make Informed Hiring Decisions?
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Whether you’re looking for a quick background check or a comprehensive DOT compliance solution, Foley can help.