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Build a Safe, Productive Workforce with Drug & Health Screens

Substance use disorders can dismantle workplace morale and productivity. But pre-employment drug testing and ongoing drug monitoring help mitigate those risks.
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The Importance of Drug Testing Services for Employers

The National Safety Council reports employees with substance use disorder miss more work than their peers (up to two weeks more every year).

Bottom line: Implementing an effective alcohol and drug testing program and other vital background checks can lead to better hires, reduced absences, boosted productivity, and safer work environments.

 Comprehensive Drug & Health Screenings
 Comprehensive Drug & Health Screenings
Pre-Employment Drug & Alcohol Testing
Easily screen for drug use via urine samples, saliva tests, or hair follicle testing. Testing facilities are never far from your candidates, thanks to our nationwide network of 12,000+ collection sites.
Random Drug & Alcohol Testing Services
Employee drug testing can deter drug use, especially if it's conducted on a random basis. By regularly monitoring drug use with random drug testing, you can build a culture of productivity.
Secure Drug & Alcohol Test Results Platform
Ordering applicant and employee drug screens involves their private, personal information. Our cloud-based platform is encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to protect sensitive data points.
Dependable Drug & Alcohol Testing Support
Deciding to drug test employees and candidates is a vital step toward creating a safer, morale-boosting work environment. Foley supports your company through each step of the process to ensure it’s quick and seamless.
Case Study
How Foley Streamlined Liberty Disposal's Drug Testing Program with a Digital-First Approach

"Personally, I love it. There's no scanning of documents to store and keep safe. It's all pretty streamlined and definitely saves time."

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