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Fast & Accurate Background Checks 

You need to fill your open positions quickly, but not with just anyone. Our background check software delivers the critical intel you need to make fair and better hiring decisions. 
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Why are Background Checks Important?

Today’s fast-paced hiring climate with streamlined applications and video interviews makes it challenging to weed out toxic candidates. But with a custom background check program, you can bypass the bad actors and focus on maintaining your company’s reputation.

Single-Sourced Specialty Background Checks
Single-Sourced Specialty Background Checks
Full Compliance Management
You need speed, but regulators demand compliance. With our software for background checks, you don't have to make sacrifices. Local, state, and federal regulations lead our pre-employment screenings.
Phased Background Screening
Execute your most important, job-specific screens first to get the best look into your candidates' histories, like MVR checks and pre-employment drug tests, before spending more on unnecessary screens.
Better Candidate Experience
A negative candidate experience can plummet your company's reputation. Thanks to our software features like candidate text messaging and help center, your applicants get the white-glove service they deserve.
Pro Subscription Upgrade
Get exclusive perks with our top-tier background check programs, like a dedicated Customer Support Manager, same-day assistance, FCRA consulting, adverse action escalation, and six-star customer service.
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Conductor Experiences Winning Combination with Foley & Greenhouse Integration
"Foley immediately showed us what they mean by six-star customer service. They were responsive and eager to learn about our business. Plus, they already were an approved Greenhouse partner. The fact that Greenhouse approved of Foley spoke volumes."
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Informative Background Check Resources

Foley-Resources-Background Check
Criminal Screens

What Shows Up in a Criminal Records Check?

Long considered the gold standard, "criminal history check" is what most people think of when they hear the words "background check." But how well do you know what criminal history checks cover? Get the facts!

Foley-Resources-Social Media
Social Media Screens

Is this Legal? Social Media Background Check FAQs

How do you run compliant social media background checks? Hint: You can’t simply search a candidate’s profile. Find out how background check software for business runs these screens according to state and federal laws.

Foley-Resources-Panel Drug Test
Drug Screens

Understanding Panel Drug Tests – Expert Q&A

Drug testing is essential for pre-employment and employee screening. However, specific substance testing may be required based on job duties or regulatory requirements. Modern background checks demand a customizable panel.

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