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Pre-Employment Background Checks

At Foley, we understand the importance of making informed hiring decisions. Our comprehensive background check services help mitigate risks, protect your company's reputation, and ensure a safe work environment.
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Efficient & Effective Pre-Employment Background Screens
Efficient & Effective Pre-Employment Background Screens
Criminal History Checks
Understanding a candidate's past — including their criminal history — is essential to identifying risks and making informed hiring decisions that prioritize the safety and security of your organization.
Education & Employment Verifications
Your first impression of a prospective employee begins with their resume.  Our pre-employment and education verifications provide peace of mind that you're hiring qualified candidates.
Motor Vehicle Record Checks
You likely have more people driving for your company than you realize, and any one of them could put your company at risk. Motor vehicle record (MVR) checks help mitigate this risk.
Social Media Screening
Social media screens can't be done by just anyone. Our social media background checks are lightning fast thanks to AI and follow EEOC, FCRA, and state privacy laws.
Pre-Employment Drug Testing
Whether your industry requires drug testing or you strive to maintain a drug-free workplace, our drug testing services can help. Plus, we can schedule DOT physicals and occupational health exams.
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Whether you’re looking for a quick background check or a comprehensive DOT compliance solution, Foley can help.