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The Top 20 Holiday Gifts for Truck Drivers in 2023
Mariah Barr
10 mins read

There's still time to finish your holiday shopping (and run your annual FMCSA Clearinghouse queries). 

If you have a trucker in your life, you’re probably wondering what to get them for the holidays. Here are 20 gifts for truck drivers that they’ll actually use and enjoy.

1. Truck Stop Gift Cards

Truckers often look forward to finding a truck stop along their route to park their rigs, take a shower, grab a hot meal, and get some much-needed rest. Any driver would appreciate a gift card for a popular truck stop, like Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores or Pilot Flying J.

2. New Bedding Set

Who doesn’t love sleeping on new, fresh sheets? A complete “bed in a bag” is a perfect idea if they drive or own a sleeper cab. Most semi-trucks have twin-XL-sized beds, but it's best to do your research on their specific truck to ensure you purchase the correct size.

3. Heated Blanket

In addition to the bedding set, a heated blanket can make any cab feel cozier when the temperatures get chilly. We recommend one that’s battery-operated, that way it can be recharged and there’s no need to worry about long, messy cords or relying on an electrical outlet.

4. Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Think about how long drivers need to sit behind the wheel on an average day. (Hint: it can be up to 11 hours!) Make sure the trucker in your life is comfortable in the driver’s seat with a gel or memory foam cushion that’s designed to relieve back, hip, and/or tailbone pain.

5. Portable Diversion Safe

Drivers have only one place to keep their belongings secure while on the road: their trucks. Even using a typical portable safe can still be risky, but a diversion safe is disguised as another everyday object, such as a book, a soda can, or even a hairbrush! No one will ever expect there to be valuables hidden inside.

6. Wireless Headset

Your driver can be just a (safe) phone call away with a convenient hands-free headset! A comfortable, Bluetooth-powered option with long battery life is ideal for any driver who wants to stay in touch with their loved ones or co-workers while on the road.

BlueParrott wireless headsets are one of the most highly rated brands, known for their crystal-clear sound quality and comfort.

7. E-Reader

Some drivers can’t wait until their next off-duty period to finish the next chapter of their latest read. An eReader is ideal for those who want to have an entire library at their fingertips, that way they don’t need to bring multiple books along for the ride.

And if you also like to read, check out the Foley blog for the latest industry news and federal updates.

8. Portable Power Bank

Most of the devices we mentioned above can be recharged using a power bank. The best option would be compact and have a long battery life, so the driver never needs to worry about a dead cell phone, tablet, or headset!

9. Satellite Radio Subscription

For those who would rather listen to the latest music, sports, comedy, or podcasts while on the open road, a satellite radio subscription is a great gift idea. SiriusXM even offers an exclusive subscription for fleets.

10. Music Streaming Subscription

Whether they’d prefer Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, or YouTube Music, there are plenty of streaming apps to choose from for the driver who may or may not enjoy an occasional cab karaoke session without any interrupting ads.

11. Wearable Health Tracking Devices

Truck drivers need to stay on top of their health to continue doing their jobs safely. Devices like Fitbits or the Oura Smart Ring can let them know if they’re getting enough physical activity or sleep, monitor their heart rate, and even alert them if they may soon feel under the weather.

12. Snack Box Subscription

Of course, any amount of home time is enjoyable for any truck driver, but wouldn’t it be better if they had a monthly snack box to look forward to when they arrive? Help them stay on track with their wellness goals with a trail mix box or let them indulge with a candy and snack box. Either way, they’ll love having treats to enjoy at home or to take with them on their next run.

13. Personalized Shirts & Hats

If the trucker in your life is an owner-operator, these are especially thoughtful gifts for truck drivers. They’ll love showing off the business they worked so hard to build. Plus, having some extra clothing items in the truck is always a good idea.

14. Hi-Visibility Vest

Safety is a priority no matter where or how often a driver works. A safety vest will ensure your loved one is always visible to other drivers no matter the conditions. You can also find a personalized option on sites like Etsy, and add their name or business name to the vest!

15. Work Gloves

Every trucker relies on durable work gloves, whether they wear them while they drive, hook up to their next trailer, or load and unload their deliveries. It’s likely the ones they’re currently wearing need to be replaced or upgraded to something new. Save their hands – they only have two of them!

16. Polarized Sunglasses

Protecting your driver’s eyes is essential. They will most likely drive into the sun during a portion of their trip, which we all know is distracting and uncomfortable. Scratch-resistant, comfortable sunglasses will make a huge difference in their travels. Brands like Oakley and Ray-Ban offer protective, yet stylish polarized glasses.

17. Headlamp

Having both hands free while working on a truck can save time and frustration. A bright, battery-powered headlamp is the convenient, compact solution your driver will thank you for when they inevitably need to take a look at their rig when the lighting conditions aren’t ideal.

18. Multi-tool

Speaking of working on their truck, it’s difficult to predict what tools your driver will need while out on the road. A multi-tool that features some of the basic tools to get a job done, like a screwdriver, pry bar, wire stripper, knife, and scissors, is a great addition to any trucker’s stocking.

19. Emergency Rescue Hammer

Even though no one wishes to need this tool, a rescue hammer is a great addition to anyone’s vehicle emergency kit. It should feature a hidden blade that can cut through a seatbelt and double-sided steel striking heads to shatter a window to escape the truck after a wreck. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

20. Extendable Shovel

Driving into snow conditions will happen at some point or another in just about any trucker’s career, especially during the busy holiday season. Make sure they’re prepared with a snow shovel that has an extendable handle for easy storage when not in use.

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