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The Year of Faster Hiring & Easier DOT Compliance: Foley’s 2023 Solutions Wrap-Up
Mariah Barr
7 mins read

Discover all the Dash software releases presented by Foley last year.

Last year was a BIG year for Foley. We released four new solutions to help you hire the best employees who drive, onboard those drivers in record time, monitor your DOT audit risk level, and track your all-too-important CSA score.  

Let’s jump into our 2023 solutions overview and see how Dash, our exclusive software platform, can make 2024 the year your company grows, thrives, and stays 100% DOT compliant. 

Onboarding, Modernized 

When it comes to hiring drivers, there are plenty of gaps. Gaps in time between when an applicant starts and finishes their job application, gaps in communication between applicants and employers, and gaps in scheduling and reviewing the results of required pre-employment background checks.  

Foley heard our customers’ concerns about these gaps. That’s why we developed Dash.  

Dash simplifies the process of hiring exceptional employees who operate vehicles on behalf of your company, whether it's tractor-trailers, box trucks, heavy machinery, or delivery vehicles. From the moment these individuals apply for your open positions, they must adhere to specific federal regulations. 

Dash is designed to assist you in meeting these regulations right from the start, offering advanced yet user-friendly software that enhances the experience for all parties involved. 

Who can benefit from Dash? 

  • Recruiters 
  • HR Professionals 
  • Safety and Compliance Managers 
  • Candidates seeking safety-sensitive jobs 

Dash is a centralized platform for creating, storing, and managing all job postings. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive suite of background checks, drug tests, and employee monitoring, all conveniently accessible in one place. 

Learn more about Dash here. 

Ready to hire qualified employees who drive in a matter of days, not weeks? Get a free demo of Dash now.  

Apply By License: More Applicants, Less Abandoned Applications 

In July 2023, Foley launched a new feature in Dash, Apply By License. It revolutionizes the way CDL drivers provide their personal and licensing information to potential employers.  

With Apply By License, candidates can effortlessly complete the initial job application using their mobile device. By simply taking a photo of their driver's license, Dash's license scanning technology automatically populates the necessary application fields, eliminating the need for lengthy and tedious manual data entry. 

Improving the candidate experience is crucial when it comes to successfully hiring employees who drive. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 60% of candidates abandon job applications due to their length and the time-consuming screening process. Apply By License addresses these concerns by jumpstarting and streamlining the application process.  

Gone are the days of filling out extensive mobile or paper applications, which often lead to typos and misinformation. Employers can reduce unnecessary hiring costs by checking a driver's basic licensing qualifications upfront. Verifying a candidate's eligibility for the open position early in the hiring process becomes much simpler and more efficient.

See how Apply By License can double the number of driver candidates your company receives.  

Audit Risk Monitor: Your DOT Compliance Status, Tracked 

Foley also introduced its cutting-edge Audit Risk Monitor (ARM) program in 2023, designed to keep you informed about your FMCSA compliance status and assess how high your business’ audit risk currently is and how it changes over time. 

Here's how it works: Once a month, Foley delivers a personalized safety score report directly to your inbox, providing a comprehensive overview of your compliance performance. This report includes the following key information: 

  1. FMCSA CSA Measurement: This metric indicates your compliance level, with a lower CSA Measurement indicating a reduced risk of FMCSA interventions, such as audits. 
  1. Foley Compliance Score: A thorough evaluation of your drivers' compliance rankings within Dash, the Foley Platform, highlighting any changes over time due to Foley alerts, roadside inspection violations, or crash data. 

Your performance is also evaluated based on data associated with your specific DOT number, focusing on five crucial BASIC scores: 

Each of these BASICs contributes to your overall CSA score. Maintaining a low CSA score is vital in minimizing the likelihood of a DOT compliance review. Ideally, you should aim to keep your score around 50 or below to reduce the chances of being selected for an FMCSA audit. 

If you need a refresher on CSA scores, check out our informative Foley article, CSA Scores: What They Are & Why They Matter. 

Foley's ARM program helps ensure your business remains compliant and audit-ready, and it has already proven its value to this company by saving them $40,000+ annually. 

CSA Monitor: 360-Degree Fleet Risk Visibility 

In October 2023, Foley launched its CSA Monitor program. The program provides Fleet and Safety Managers daily updates on their company's Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) scores and violations. Additionally, it offers detailed crash, inspection, and violation reports for each driver they employ. 

The FMCSA relies on CSA data (including the BASIC scores mentioned above) to assess, enforce, and ensure trucking companies' adherence to safety and compliance standards. 

A comprehensive 360-degree view of fleet performance is always available in Dash. This empowers companies to monitor performance, gain insights into driver behaviors, and effectively manage risk. 

You can discover how Foley combines state-of-the-art software and data science with exceptional customer service by requesting a free demo with one of our compliance experts.  

Exciting News Coming in 2024 

That’s a wrap! 2023 was the year of numerous product releases for Foley, and our entire team looks forward to continuing to offer the best hiring, compliance, and risk management solutions in 2024. Stay tuned to the Foley blog for the latest updates! 

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