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Apply By License Doubles the Number of Driver Candidates
Mariah Barr
3 mins read

Hiring employees who drive can be a tedious and time-consuming process, but it doesn't have to be.

DMT Logistics knows this first-hand. That's why they've turned to Foley's innovative Apply By License software solution to streamline their driver application process.

"Foley's Apply by License technology streamlines our driver application process to help us get more candidates in the door. It also minimizes any errors that come up with data entry." —Bromley Udall, Safety and Compliance Manager for DMT Logistics

With Apply By License, companies like DMT Logistics can now get qualified drivers behind the wheel faster without relying on manual data entry.

How Apply By License Works

Apply by License is available only in Dash, Foley's exclusive hiring, screening, and onboarding software. ABL eliminates manual data entry and helps employers quickly verify qualified driver candidates by automatically validating their licensing information.

Applicants no longer need to manually fill out the application for your company's open driver position. Instead, they can jumpstart the process by taking a photo of their driver's license with their mobile device.

Their licensing information then automatically populates the appropriate sections of the job application. This saves your applicants precious time and gives them a positive hiring experience from the very beginning. 

Post-Hire Driver File Management

The Apply By License feature goes beyond collecting application data; it also compliments your company's driver qualification file management software.

When you hire an applicant, their driver file is automatically created using the documents provided in their original DOT-compliant job application.

Their driver file is then maintained on an ongoing basis. If their DOT-required documents, such as their CDL or medical certificate, expire shortly, you'll be immediately notified to resolve the issues before they turn into DOT violations.

Streamline Your Hiring Process with Apply By License

Reducing the time it takes candidates to apply to your available driver positions and eliminating data entry errors starts with Apply By License.

Even better, Apply By License is just one feature in the Dash hiring, screening, and onboarding platform. You can also benefit from the short-form digital job application, phased background screens, and complete compliance peace of mind when you use Dash. The custom application and disclosure processes help your company meet DOT and FCRA regulations as well.

Numerous businesses have already seen great success with Apply By License, such as DMT Logistics. You can boost your hiring efforts with it too. 

Double your number of candidates AND reduce your time-to-hire by 400 percent. Get your free demo of Apply By License from a Foley hiring and compliance expert today. Fill out the form below to get started. 


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