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The 2024 CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week is Here
Mariah Barr
4 mins read
The 2024 CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week is Here

The annual safety event kicked off July 7 and will last through July 13.

The 2024 Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Operation Safe Driver Week has officially started.

Throughout the week, law enforcement officials will be on the lookout for unsafe driving behaviors such as speeding, texting, operating a motor vehicle without wearing a seatbelt, improper lane change, and aggressive driving. Bringing awareness to and preventing these risky driving habits to encourage safer roadways is the goal. 

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What We Learned from Operation Safe Driver Week 2023

Speeding was the top unsafe driving behavior drivers received warnings or citations for during Operation Safe Driver Week 2023. Between the US and Canada, 4,592 warnings and 2,634 tickets were given to commercial motor vehicle drivers, and officers issued 1,164 warnings and 1,860 tickets to passenger vehicle drivers.

The CVSA has selected reckless, careless, and dangerous driving as the focus areas for this year's enforcement event as they continue to threaten the safety of our roadways.

“As unpopular as traffic citations are among drivers, we know that driver behavior does respond to contacts with law enforcement and warnings and citations,” said CVSA President Chief Jay Thompson of the Arkansas Highway Police. “Roadway safety is our top priority and this traffic enforcement initiative supports our goal of making sure everyone driving on our roadways is doing so safely.”

Use MVR Monitoring to Track & Flag Unsafe Driving Behaviors

If your company's drivers are caught speeding or cited for any other risky driving habits this week, it's the perfect time to address their potentially hazardous driving behaviors.

Motor vehicle report (MVR) monitoring programs make it easy to keep an eye on your drivers while they're behind the wheel. Any traffic citations that are reported to their driving record automatically trigger a notification, so you're the first to know. Your drivers may not tell you about their speeding tickets otherwise!

Stay in the know about your drivers' risky behaviors with Foley's MVR Monitor. It can help you operate a safer fleet, and potentially save you on all-time-high insurance premiums. 

Be the First to Know About Roadside Inspections & Traffic Violations with CSA Monitor

Would all of your drivers tell you if they were pulled over during their shift? Even if they did, would they let you know if they received a citation?

Foley's CSA Monitor provides you with complete visibility by watching for roadside inspections and citations for violations, such as speeding, so you don't need to worry about these factors impacting your Compliance, Safety, and Accountability score (and skyrocketing your risk of being audited by the FMCSA). 

Both MVR Monitor and CSA Monitor are hosted in Dash, the Foley Platform, for streamlined DOT compliance and driver data monitoring.

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