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Expanding Horizons: Foley & Good Egg Merge to Strengthen Background Check Offerings
Mariah Barr
3 mins read

You already know Foley as the top provider of transportation and safety-sensitive background checks for over 50,000 customers within the last 30 years. 

But did you know that Good Egg, our sister company, has offered background checks for non-federally regulated employers since 2017?

Foley and Good Egg have officially merged to offer the most comprehensive suite of background screens under the Foley brand.

By consolidating brands, we're now expanding our background check offering to an even wider customer base, while maintaining our expertise and hard-earned trust within the safety-sensitive and transportation industries

Foley's Advanced Background Check Programs

Any employer can now take advantage of Foley's entire suite of background screenings to ensure they're hiring qualified, trustworthy individuals who are ideal fits for their open roles. 

Pre-Employment Background Checks

Foley's pre-employment background screens help protect your brand, verify applicant information, increase productivity, and continue to foster a positive work environment for your current employees. 

When you choose Foley for your pre-employment checks, you can choose from one or all of the following screens:

  • Criminal History Checks - Reveal alias and identity verification; search the national criminal database; scour civil, county, state, and federal court records; and run a DOJ sex offender registry check.
  • Education & Employment Verifications - Confirm the professional details applicants share in their resumes and during interviews.
  • Motor Vehicle Record Checks - See the previous three years of an individual's driving history, including violations and accidents.
  • Social Media Screens - Identify posts that flag hate speech, insults and bullying, narcotics, obscene language, self-harm, threats of violence, toxic language, drug-related images, explicit or racy images, and violent images.
  • Pre-Employment Drug Testing - Maintain a drug-free workplace by screening for substance use via urine samples, saliva tests, or hair follicle testing.

Post-Employment Background Checks

Even once you've hired the "perfect fit," it's important to ensure your employees' values continue to match those of your business. After all, they are representing you on the front lines, whether they're interacting with customers, transporting goods, or caring for clients.

Foley's continuous employee screening includes the following programs:

  • Criminal Re-Screening & Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Motor Vehicle Record Monitoring
  • Substance Use Monitoring

Start Running Secure, Compliant Background Screens with Foley 

No matter what industry you're in, you need to hire the best people quickly while following federal regulations. Foley's background checks not only comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), but they also include ongoing support from our team of background check experts. 

It's time to run your pre-employment and post-hire screens with a single source. Talk to a Foley consultant today to start screening and hiring with confidence.

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