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All-in-One DOT Driver Qualification File Management Software

Foley creates, converts, and manages your driver files in a completely digital and DOT-compliant format. No more paper, no more compliance problems.
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Assemble DOT Audit-Ready Files with Foley’s Driver File Management Software

Driver qualification files are required for all interstate drivers who operate a vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) or Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR) of 10,001 pounds or more, transports at least 8 passengers including the driver, or transports hazardous materials that require placarding.

Automate the Driver File Process with Foley
Automate the Driver File Process with Foley
Create Driver Files from Scratch
Not sure where to begin with your driver files? Foley starts where you are. No matter how many drivers you employ, we’ll get you set up for compliance success and ensure your recordkeeping is in order.
Convert Paper Driver Files
Still have paper files? We’ll convert them into electronic files and ensure they contain the required documents, like records of MVR checks. You'll finally be prepared for offsite DOT audits.
Organize Digital Driver Files
Even if you have an electronic driver file system, the files may be saved in random locations on your devices. Foley will consolidate and organize your driver's documents in a single secure platform.
Regularly Maintain Driver Files
Simply creating digital driver files isn’t enough. You must maintain them on an ongoing basis to ensure certain documents, like medical cards, are valid. Foley's software alerts you when a file is due for an update.
Case Study
DNC-CS Image
DNC-CS Image
How Foley Helped DNC Logistics Cut Driver File Management Time in Half

“The process is so much more efficient, Hodnicki said. If a CDL needs to be renewed or a driver needs his DOT physical, I can see that right from my Foley dashboard. Everything is right there in once place.”

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