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Six Sweet Valentine's Day Gifts for Truck Drivers
Mariah Barr
6 mins read

These thoughtful gifts will make any truck driver swoon.

Everyone deserves a little extra TLC on Valentine's Day, including truck drivers. Don't let them fool you into thinking they don't. No matter how tough and rugged they seem on the outside, they also have soft little underbellies like the rest of us. So this Valentine's Day, make sure you send some extra love their way. 

Now that Valentine's Day is a little over a week away, we've rounded up the best gifts for truck drivers whether they're your family, friends, or employees. 

Think restaurant and truck stop gift cards. 

Does your truck driver have a regular route? If yes, consider getting them gift cards to their favorite stops along the way.

Or you can let your driver do the choosing at their favorite pit stops when you give them a Fuel Everywhere gift card. In addition to fuel, these cards also work for snacks at service stations wherever Visa debit is accepted. 

Think big boxes filled with healthy snacks.

Don't worry—eating healthy doesn't mean your favorite trucker will have to sacrifice taste. Luckily, plenty of healthy, yummy treats exist that will tempt even the finickiest eaters—or those whose diets typically consist of chips and soda.

Assemble a box filled with various snacks and tuck in a couple of sweet notes or Valentine's Day cards to let your special trucker know that you're thinking of them. This can be especially fun for kids to help with. (Who doesn't love receiving a handmade card telling Mom or Dad how much they're loved and missed while they're working long hours on the road?)

As to what to put into the box, here are some ideas . . .

Oh! Nuts

With twelve varieties of nuts and dried fruit combos to choose from, there's bound to be a favorite (or two or four) for a hungry trucker to dive into. Packed with protein, this snack will satisfy grumbling bellies between meals. 

Biena Chickpea Snacks

If your trucker craves salty-crunchy goodness, give them a variety pack of chickpea snacks. Trust us—you'll win over even the most diehard chips fan thanks to flavors like Rockin' Ranch (which tastes like Cool Ranch Doritos) and BBQ.

Chickpeas are healthier alternatives to chips since they're plant-based. They're also a rich source of protein, minerals, and fiber to boot

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Duet Hearts

What would Valentine's Day be without a little chocolate? And if you reach for the dark chocolate, you'll fare even better. It's practically a vitamin! As Healthline reports, chocolate with high cocoa content has antioxidants and minerals—and it can even protect you from heart disease. 

Think entertainment.

Keep your favorite trucker entertained for those long stretches on the road with a gift card to iTunes so they can expand their music library. Another idea: audiobooks from Audible. A cross-country trek is an excellent time to tackle long novels, whether a classic from Tolstoy or something a little more current from George R. R. Martin. (Will this be the year that he finally releases The Winds of Winter?)

Think cozy, think comfort.

 A trucker can never have too many warm blankets. Check out this electric travel blanket from Sojoy

Or how about an ergonomic seat cushion that can help with back pain during long hauls? 

Think funny, eclectic, or handmade—or all of the above.

 We love all the creative artisans on Etsy. And if you do an Etsy search on "gifts for truck drivers," you won't be disappointed.

Check out some of our favorite finds below:

 And that's just the beginning!

Think love.

Sometimes the simplest thing can pack the biggest punch. We LOVE this key chain that kind of says it all. 

We want to know your ideas!

 How do you show the truck drivers in your life how much you care about them, especially on Valentine's Day? Share your ideas on Facebook.

And remember: At Foley, we care about your favorite truck drivers, too! We show drivers lots of love by helping them and their employers stay DOT-compliant so they can keep their focus on the road.

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