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How an MVR Monitoring Program Can Help Protect Your Business
7 mins read

As a Department of Transportation-regulated business, you’re well-accustomed to the process of pulling annual Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) for every driver you employ.

Simply put, you must do so to meet federal recordkeeping requirements.

Still, this process doesn’t just check a box to ensure your compliance as a motor carrier—it is an important step to make sure that safe, qualified drivers are behind the wheel. This ultimately helps protect your business, your drivers, and other motorists.

34% of driver violations can be prevented with Foley's MVR Monitoring

The only problem: What happens when one of your drivers gets a DUI or commits a serious traffic or safety violation a day, week, or month after you pull their annual report? Or if they have their license suspended for another significant offense? It can be difficult to keep track of all your drivers, all the time. And unless they voluntarily come clean with new information on infractions or violations, you’ll be in the dark until the next annual review or audit.

For a growing number of carriers, the solution is MVR Monitoring. These automated programs actively monitor the MVRs for CDL drivers on an ongoing basis to help businesses more easily identify problems, address concerns, and put corrective action plans in place (if needed) before an out-of-service issue arises.

Don’t get caught off guard—not staying in the know on your drivers can be costly, dangerous, and could have serious ramifications for your business. Here’s how you can protect yourself.

How Do MVR Monitoring Programs Work?

Much as the name would suggest, MVR Monitoring keeps tabs on drivers by constantly monitoring their driving records and looking for new information. And as soon as there is any change, or “hit,” found on an mvr for cdl drivers, an updated report is pulled and evaluated for accuracy. Employers are immediately alerted to any “hit” and receive the updated MVR for review.

These “hits” could be anything from accidents, to DUIs, to speeding tickets or other motor vehicle violations or convictions. They could also signify CDL suspensions or revocations, safety violations, or medical certificate downgrades. And they include positive changes, as well, such as when a driver renews or updates his or her CDL or medical certificate.

As an added benefit, enrollment in an MVR Monitoring program often fulfills the Department of Transportation’s annual MVR requirement by running a new MVR for CDL drivers annually for each driver’s file and annual violation review.

Why MVR Monitoring is Important

Unsafe drivers are a huge liability, and the statistics say it all: The commercial fleet accident rate is 20%, and the average cost for motor carriers when one of their fleet is in an accident is $6,000. That amount grows astronomically—to an average of $150,000—if injuries are involved.

As Foley has found with its own digital solution, MVR Monitoring can help prevent up to 34% of common Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) violations.

According to the Department of Transportation, the top violations for commercial motor vehicles include:

  • Moving violations: Speeding; following too closely; improper lane changing; reckless driving; improper turning; failure to yield to right of way; railroad grade crossing violations; and failure to obey traffic control devices.
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license.
  • Not having a current medical certificate.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or while in possession of an intoxicating substance.
  • Failing to use a seat belt.
  • Using a hand-held device.
  • Having an unauthorized passenger on board.
  • Failing to conduct pre-trip inspections.
  • Failing to use/improper placement of warning devices.

The cost of these violations can be steep—in the thousands of dollars per infraction. Then there’s the lost time and money if you have to pull a driver from the road and search for a temporary or permanent replacement. Your insurance premiums will likely go up—or your provider might decide to drop you—and your partners and customers may be hesitant to work with you, or decide to take their business elsewhere.

Perhaps most significantly, your Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) score and safety rating could be impacted. Depending on the severity (and number) of the offense(s), you could even be hit with a Conditional or Unsatisfactory rating—both of which, while also being incredibly costly, can involve a long road to recovery as you take corrective action.

Simply put, as a carrier operating under the purview of the Department of Transportation, you are ultimately responsible—and liable—for your workers’ actions.

34% of driver violations can be prevented with Foley's MVR Monitoring

Staying up to speed on each driver’s mvr for cdl drivers, can help you identify those at highest risk, so you can work with them to reduce incidents and improve their safety on the road. It can also help you more quickly identify unqualified drivers who might otherwise have continued hauling freight unchecked until their annual record caught up with them.

MVR Monitoring keeps you in the know, allowing you to operate a safe, compliant fleet and maintain a strong safety rating. When you are armed with information in real time, you can take immediate, corrective action.

What’s more, making use of a motor vehicle report monitoring service for monthly records can reduce administrative time—so you can stay focused on what’s most important to you: Running your business.

Foley’s Digital Solution

Not continuously monitoring your drivers’ MVRs is risky and could end up being costly, but Foley is here to help protect you. We provide you with a secure, dedicated online portal that can be accessed anywhere via phone, tablet, or computer. All of your drivers are then enrolled in the program and continuously monitored, and whenever new information is detected, their updated MVR is immediately uploaded, and you receive real-time e-notifications.

Our MVR for CDL drivers is part of a comprehensive screening and compliance portal that will help you better manage your drivers’ safety and regulatory requirements.

Don’t get caught off guard. Protect yourself today.

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