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How to Write a Driver Job Ad that Gets Results
Mariah Barr
7 mins read

Your driver job ads give potential candidates their first impression of your company. If your ad is difficult to read, doesn’t answer common applicant questions, or fails to make the position sound appealing, you’re losing promising hires.

But if you know how to write driver job ads that resonate with today’s commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders, you can increase your chances of growing your fleet in this hot job market. Follow these tips to give your ads the boost they need to compete and get noticed.

Thoroughly Describe the Job at Hand 

While this may seem like a no-brainer, too many companies miss the mark when it comes to specifically expressing what drivers need to fill your open positions, and what they can expect if they’re chosen to join your fleet. You don’t want to leave potential candidates in the dark and risk losing them altogether.

Here’s what you’ll want to include in your ad to answer all the common questions drivers have.

  • Job Title: What CDL class and endorsements are required?  
  • Qualifications: Do your drivers need additional qualifications, like minimum years of experience? 
  • Job Nature: Include the type of run, what freight they’ll be hauling (if possible), and any required lifting or loading/unloading.  
  • Route & Schedule: Does the job involve short- or long-haul routes? What days and times will the driver be expected to work? 
  • Hiring Parameters: Is this part-time, full-time, or contract work? If contracted, how long can drivers expect to work for you?  
  • Compensation: State if drivers are paid per mile, hourly, weekly, or yearly. Certainly include any sign-on or referral bonuses. 
  • Benefits & Perks: Add in any health, vision, or dental insurance benefits, paid time off (PTO), and 401K, if applicable.  
  • Equipment: What type of vehicles will your driver be expected to operate on a daily basis?   

Including these important aspects of the position you’re looking to fill not only gives applicants the information they need right from the start, but it also sets them up for success during their onboarding period and as they (hopefully) turn into long-standing employees.  

Showcase a Highlight Reel of Your Company Perks

Put yourself in the driver’s shoes. What would make you choose your company over another?  

Do you offer additional training and career advancement? Do you work with owner/operators? Is your equipment new and well maintained? Can pets come along for the ride? Tell applicants that! Painting a bright picture of your company (that’s truthful, of course) gives drivers everything they need to make an informed decision before joining your fleet.  

Get Drivers on the Road Faster & More Compliantly 

Going beyond the job description while being concise is key here. For instance, you don’t have to give every detail of your 401K plan, but the simple fact that you offer one may be enough to sway a driver’s decision in your favor.

Staying competitive in today’s safety-sensitive job market means building a strong employee value proposition and enticing candidates without making false promises. It’s all about balance.  

Use an Easy-to-Read Format 

You want drivers to read every word of your job ad, but the reality is, they probably don’t have time to do that.

Organizing your posting with the most important information at the top (like job duties, pay, and qualifications needed) and then trickling down to the perks and benefits is most effective. Those who really want to know the nitty-gritty details about your company will continue reading until they find them.  

You’ll also want to avoid writing large blocks of text. Short sentences and bullet points are your friend when it comes to making your job ad more digestible. Asking someone to proofread your ad before posting it is a good way to find out if you’ve made any errors or if it’s too much to take in at once.  

Your Job Ad is Only as Good as Your Software Allows 

Now that you know how to write a driver job ad that attracts the right talent and puts your company in a good light, you need to get them in front of the right candidates. But how do you know which job board will bring in the most applicants? What if your job application needs some work as well?  

There’s a simple solution to these issues: the software you use. You know Foley as your all-in-one DOT compliance solution provider, but we’re also the source of your best hiring, onboarding, and employee management software for your driver hiring needs, thanks to Dash.  

Dash allows hiring managers to create appealing driver job ads and distribute them across numerous popular job boards – all from one platform. You’re able to get in front of job-seeking drivers more efficiently so you can fill open positions quickly.

Plus, our mobile-friendly job application is easier and more appealing to drivers like the ones you’re looking to get behind the wheel. 

Our hiring and compliance experts are ready for you to contact us with any of your questions or concerns. Or, if you're ready to see Dash in action, schedule your free software demo now. Happy hiring!

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