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Criminal Background Checks

Fast and compliant criminal history checks arm your business with critical insights from a candidate's past so you can make better hiring decisions.

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Criminal Background Check Software for Hiring Peace of Mind

Understanding a candidate's past‌ is essential to the hiring process. But what does a criminal background check for employment reveal?


  • Alias & identity verification
  • National criminal database searches
  • Civil, county, state & federal court records
  • DOJ sex offender registry check

Criminal record checks are just one offering in Foley’s suite of background checks.

What Sets Foley’s Criminal History Checks Apart?
What Sets Foley’s Criminal History Checks Apart?
Industry-Leading Turnaround Times
You don’t have to forgo criminal record checks to avoid slowing down your hiring process to a screeching halt. Get the insights you need to make better, faster hiring decisions.
Reliable Federal Compliance
Foley’s criminal background check for employers follows FCRA, EEOC, and adverse action requirements, and we help you navigate the process in a legal and compliant manner.
Technology Meets Expertise
Foley’s background checking software is integrated with over 1,000 county, state, and federal court jurisdictions, as well as an extensive network of court researchers.
Long-Term Employee Monitoring
Add Foley’s ongoing monitoring to keep tabs on the behaviors of current employees so you're alerted of issues before they impact the workplace.
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Whether you’re looking for a quick background check, or a comprehensive DOT compliance solution, Foley can help.