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Have You Made Plans for Truck Driver Appreciation Week?
Mariah Barr
8 mins read

It's time to figure out how you’re going to thank your fleet of hard-working truckers.  

This year’s Truck Driver Appreciation Week is September 10-16, 2023. Companies all over the country will be taking the time to show their gratitude for their drivers’ dedication. It’s always a good idea to boost morale in the workplace, and this event can help you do just that — while also reinforcing key messages about safety on the roadways. 

A Rock-Solid Safety Culture Starts Here

Looking for ideas to celebrate? Here’s a list of seven ways to thank your drivers.  

Food & Treats 

Nothing says “thank you” like a free meal or some guilty pleasure treats. Whether you get all your employees together for a team lunch, or you hand out packed lunches to drivers as you see them, it’s a great way to show your appreciation. Make sure to include a sincere note, silverware, and a beverage.

Gift Cards

If you have numerous drivers working over the road, it can be difficult to get everyone together, but that shouldn’t stop you from making a nice gesture. Send your employees gift cards to their favorite restaurants, coffee shops, or truck stops in the mail before Truck Driver Appreciation Week, so they have them in time.  

It’s also easier than ever to send digital gift cards to the places your drivers frequently visit. Whether they’re physical or virtual gift cards, they’re sure to appreciate the thought.

Useful Gifts

While company shirts are always a nice idea, try to go beyond that this year. Think about some other gifts your drivers would not only appreciate, but also use throughout the year. Tumblers to keep their drinks hot or cold on the road, coolers to keep their food fresh, and blankets to keep them comfortable during their off-duty time are all different ideas.  

You can find some of these gifts here. Make sure you order them soon to ensure they arrive on time for this year’s event.

  • PRO TIP: Get in the habit of asking your drivers what they want. You could conduct a survey going into this year's Truck Driver Appreciation Week and see what sorts of things your drivers are interested in. And make sure you act on it. You could even hold a contest with three ideas suggested through the survey and let drivers vote. The winning idea will be that year's special gift.

Tech Giveaways

Have a little fun with your Truck Driver Appreciation Week celebrations this year and go bigger than you ever have before. Try hosting daily drawings for bigger prizes, such as smartphones, smart watches, Bluetooth headsets, speakers, and other types of the latest tech. 

Keep your drivers engaged and announce the winner at the same time every day. Even better – have a prize for everyone but keep that part a secret!

Truck Upgrades

Do you often hear about the streaky windshield wipers on your big rigs? Are the mattresses worn out and uncomfortable in your sleeper trucks? Is getting any sort of signal on your radios nearly impossible? Would your drivers with bad backs benefit from ergonomic seat cushions?

Now is the time to address these issues and ensure your drivers are safe and happy with the CMVs you depend on them to operate. They should be proud of the trucks they drive and live in!

Mechanical issues should especially be taken care of, but hopefully your drivers are already conducting their pre/post-trip inspections and regular maintenance is being performed on all your CMVs.

  • PRO TIP: Showing you care about your drivers' eye health is an excellent way to demonstrate your appreciation for the long hours they do day in and day out. Remind them about the kinds of sunglasses they should be wearing (or buy them new ones) and filters they can use on devices to help minimize the amount of blue light they're exposed to.

Social Shoutouts

A little recognition goes a long way. Share employee highlights on your social media channels, reach out to local radio stations to announce your appreciation for your drivers, or both. Now is the time for everyone to get to know the faces and names behind your company’s success. Your drivers deserve it!

  • PRO TIP: Visuals get lots of attention on social media. So instead of simply posting "Thanks, Jimmy, for all you do," get pics of Jimmy and create a collage using a design tool like Canva. You could create a bunch of these at once and schedule them in your various social media channels. Make sure you add appropriate hashtags to maximize visibility. Try to get personal and/or share humorous facts or anecdotes to increase engagement and comments. Here's an example: "We're proud to have Jimmy driving for us, even though his favorite pizza topping is pineapple and ham. We'll forgive him—for now. 😊"

Promotions & Deals

Look into the specials that truck stops and restaurants are offering during Truck Driver Appreciation Week and compile a list of them for your drivers. 

  • PRO TIP: Last year, several big-name establishments offered sweet deals for truckers during Truck Driver Appreciation Week, including Love's, Pilot Flying J, and Sheetz. So keep an eye out on these businesses (especially their social media accounts) for updates on this year's event.

Extend Your Appreciation Beyond One Week

It’s easy to remember to show your gratitude for your employees’ continuous hard work during this yearly event, but doing so on a regular basis lets them know how valued they are and helps keep them motivated in one of the toughest jobs out there.  

And remember – a compliant company is a company that appreciates and values its employees’ safety. Foley can help improve your chances of passing DOT audits, avoid violations and fines, and reduce truck accidents. Reach out to our dedicated compliance specialists today to learn more.

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