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Continuous Employee Screening

Post-employment background checks help you be proactive instead of reactive. Protect your workforce, reduce your liability, and sleep easier at night.
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Ongoing Post-Hire Background Checks

Ongoing Post-Hire Background Checks

Criminal Re-Screening & Monitoring
Even if your employee passed an initial criminal history check, what happens if they commit a crime while working for you? Our criminal re-screening and monitoring services inform you of concerning criminal offenses.
Social Media Monitoring
Your employees represent your brand, so how they conduct themselves online matters. Our compliant social media monitoring respects your people's privacy while alerting you to problematic behavior.
Motor Vehicle Record Monitoring
Conducting an initial MVR check during hiring is the first step to reducing risk. But only with ongoing MVR monitoring will you know about changes to their MVR going forward, like DUIs and suspended licenses.
Substance Use Monitoring
Random drug testing can deter drug use. You can build a culture of productivity and safety with compliant and transparent drug monitoring — and we'll show you how.
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