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Employee Onboarding Software

Hire great candidates quickly when safety is a top priority.
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Dash speeds up your onboarding without sacrificing screening best practices

Designed to help you onboard new employees and manage compliance, Dash is an all-in-one, easy-to-use platform, built with safety-sensitive employees in mind.

Improve Retention with Automated Onboarding Software
Improve Retention with Automated Onboarding Software
Improve Your Time to Hire by 400%
Our software takes you from the candidate to the new-hire stage in no time at all — while still allowing you to supercharge your screening and meet compliance standards.
Reduce Errors Across the Board
When Dash is your home for HR onboarding software, data entry errors, miscommunications, and delays are eliminated. Up-to-the-minute background check statuses are your new normal.
Get Notified at Every Step
Dash notifies external candidates and internal teams, and it follows DOT and FCRA regulations through the custom application and disclosure processes if you employ regulated drivers.
Never Miss Compliance Deadlines
Our fully electronic employee management system makes recordkeeping a breeze. From job applications and driver files to motor vehicle reports and drug tests, Dash maintains up-to-date files for all employees.
Case Study
Koppersl-CS Image
Koppersl-CS Image
How Koppers Sped Up Their Hiring and Onboarding Process with Foley’s Dash Platform

To fulfill their ongoing hiring needs, Koppers knew they had to make the move from a paper to an electronic hiring process. They looked at a few different companies but couldn’t find what they were looking for until they saw a demo of Dash.

Since making the switch to Foley, not only is Koppers getting more candidates, but they’re getting their new hires onboarded in record time.

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