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Audit Risk Monitor

Pass DOT audits. Reduce risk. Stay compliant.
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Track Your DOT Audit Risk with Compliance Audit Software

If you don’t know where you currently rank with your FMCSA compliance, your company could be audited much sooner than you may think.

Knowing your Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) score is the first step toward improving or maintaining your DOT audit risk — and Foley makes preparing for an audit and monitoring your risk level easier than ever.

Always Know Your DOT Compliance Status
Always Know Your DOT Compliance Status
Gain Better Visibility of Your CSA Score
The lower your CSA score, the lower your chances of an FMCSA intervention, such as an audit, are Foley’s DOT audit software tracks drug and alcohol, hours-of-service, and other violations that may elevate your score.
Uncover the BASICs that Impact Your CSA Score
Seven Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories contribute to your CSA score, including driver fitness, vehicle maintenance, and more. Learn which BASICs contribute to your audit risk with ARM.
Get Your Personalized Foley Compliance Score
Your drivers’ habits and behaviors contribute to your DOT compliance. A review of each of your drivers’ compliance rankings is calculated in ARM, so you can take corrective action if needed.
See CSA & Compliance Score Trends
Your Foley compliance alerts, crash data, and inspection reports provide insights into areas that need improvement, as well as those you’ve successfully managed over time, for the ultimate DOT audit support.
Case Study
Aero BridgeWorks-CS Image
Aero BridgeWorks-CS Image
AERO BridgeWorks Achieves 100% Compliance with Foley's Automated Solution

“AERO BridgeWorks went from struggling to keep up with DOT compliance to now being 100% audit-ready with Foley's automated solution.”

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Whether you’re looking for a quick background check or a comprehensive DOT compliance solution, Foley can help.