Truckers Gain Hours of Service Flexibility

The controversial hours of service provision has been suspended, granting truck drivers some of the flexibility that they’ve asked for during the rulemaking process. Continue reading

State DOTs Want an Answer

State DOT leaders made an appeal to Congress at the Transportation Research Board’s annual meeting about the extreme need for a more unified national freight policy. State DOT leaders want an answer – is the federal government in or out of the transportation program?  Continue reading

Senators Speak out on Guardrail Controversy

Guardrail manufacturer Trinity’s ET-Plus system is in the spotlight once again. Their faulty rail heads have been linked to multiple deaths and injuries. Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) hammered home their complaints to Gregory Nadeau of the Federal Highway Administration. Continue reading

Get Ready For Your New Entrant Safety Audit — Video Quick Tips

New Hours of Service Review

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has announced that it is partnering with a research firm to conduct a yearlong review of a new hours of service rule.  Continue reading

Cincinnati Overpass Collapse Kills

A construction worker was killed last night during an unexpected pancake collapse on Interstate 75 as crews were attempting to take down the old Hopple Street overpass.  Continue reading

Bridge Construction Project Makes History

Call it progress, call it a major headache. Either way, engineers made history last week as they shut the Golden Gate Bridge for a record 52 hours. The closure, to install a new type of safety barrier, was the longest in the bridge’s 80 year history. Continue reading

Hours of Service is Killing Bees

The 30-minute rest break is deadly to some.  Continue reading

4 Things You Need to Know to Start a Trucking Company

You’ve got your truck and you’ve picked your trucking company name.  Continue reading

Feds Open Border to More Mexican Trucks

The US Department of Transportation caused outrage this week as they announced they would be allowing more Mexican motor carriers to conduct long-haul trucking in the United States. The policy change was announced on the same day that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration admitted that a cross border pilot program had largely been a failure. Continue reading