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How to Recruit More (and Better) Drivers During the Ongoing Truck Driver Shortage
Mariah Barr
7 mins read

The secret to DOT-compliant hiring is the combination of a digital driver application and driver qualification file management software.

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) estimates the truck driver shortage could surpass 160,000 as soon as 2030.

Since there are more open positions than available CDL drivers, those who are looking for a new job have the upper hand – and they’ll be looking for the cream of the crop. Getting the best drivers to join your fleet means you have to recruit, hire, and onboard them faster than competing companies looking for the same talent.

How can your company stay competitive in this crazy job market? Ditch the paper and start using digital driver applications (and, ultimately, embrace a fully digital hiring and compliance solution).

Let’s talk through …

  • How eApplications, like Foley’s, make it easier for drivers to apply to your open positions
  • What pre-employment background checks Foley offers, and why you need to run them on every single new hire
  • How Foley’s driver qualification file management software works seamlessly with our eApplication
  • Why you can trust Foley to keep you compliant when fighting the truck driver shortage and preparing for audits

How do digital driver applications work?

A mobile-friendly platform like Foley’s makes the process simpler than ever for both applicants and employers. In fact, Foley’s Driver-First eApplication has been found to increase application submissions by 33%.

Drivers can take photos of their CDL and medical certificates from their favorite mobile devices and upload them into Foley’s Driver-First eApplication. You, the employer, are then immediately sent a notification that an application has been submitted.

How many times have you received a paper application that’s nearly impossible to read, or it doesn’t include all the information or documentation you need to follow through with the hiring process? A digital application nearly eliminates these hiccups and keeps the process flowing smoothly.

But more importantly, you then have the driver information you need, all in one place, so you can make the best hiring decisions for your business, regardless of the truck driver shortage. You can easily manage all their applications and applicant information on one user-friendly dashboard.

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With such historic shortages, you need to stand out as an employer. Having a streamlined, digital application will only benefit your business. Now let’s see why you should also have a screening process that’s just as easy for you and your (hopefully) new hires.

What background checks should I run before hiring a driver?

Time-to-hire is a huge factor for all companies looking to put more drivers behind the wheel. If a driver has multiple opportunities at their fingertips, the company with the quicker onboarding process usually wins the recruit.

One hiring best practice you can’t forgo for the sake of speeding up the process is running federally required background screens. You want to get a conditional job offer to a driver as soon as possible, but not without ensuring they’re a qualified and trustworthy hire.

Foley’s DOT background check services cover the full spectrum of these background checks, including:

  • Motor vehicle record (MVR) reports
  • Safety performance histories
  • DOT Clearinghouse pre-employment queries
  • Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) screens
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Pre-Employment Screening Program checks
  • Criminal background checks

We also obtain driver consents for all required screens and checks, and we help you set up drug and alcohol tests through our nationwide network of collection sites.

Want to learn more about each of these pre-employment screens and how to make the best hiring decisions? Check out our free eBook: The Motor Carrier’s Guide to Hiring Drivers.

What does the hiring process have to do with DOT compliance?

If you use a digital application like Foley’s and decide to hire a driver, all their documents from the application are used to build their driver file. You’ll have everything you need to be audit-ready from the very beginning, thanks to our driver qualification file management software.

Once you go digital, you’re not likely to want to go back to paper files. Simply put, they’re not DOT-compliant, especially now that offsite audits are continuing to be the most popular way for the FMCSA to conduct compliance checks on companies like yours.

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Failing an offsite audit can mean paying severe fines; recovering from lowered Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scores; and dealing with out-of-service orders – all of which can impact the integrity and success of your business and cause your insurance premiums to skyrocket. That’s the last thing you need while you’re already combatting the truck driver shortage.

How can Foley make it easier to achieve DOT compliance?

Foley can help keep you on track with our complete DOT compliance solution. Our comprehensive online driver qualification file management software gathers all information on MVRs and safety performance history, while staying on top of important dates such as CDL and medical card renewals.

Our MVR monitoring program continuously scans your drivers’ MVRs and immediately alerts you to any changes – whether that be a moving violation or an arrest – so that you can take action as soon as possible.

While you want to make it as easy as possible for drivers to apply to your available positions during the truck driver shortage, you also want to ensure the employees you put in the driver’s seat are the best fit for your business. Foley is ready to be your trusted partner throughout the hiring process.

Let our knowledgeable compliance specialists walk you through the Foley platform with a completely free demo. From there, you can decide if Foley is the perfect fit for your DOT compliance needs – and we’re confident we are.

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