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How to Choose the Best Compliance Software Solution
Mariah Barr
6 mins read

Choosing a compliance software solution is not a quick or easy process. With so many of them available (and trust us, we know there are A LOT to choose from), it can be tough to wade through the waters and find the software that works best for your unique situation. 

Many owner-operators and safety managers know they need a program to help make their compliance-related tasks easier. Still, they often put it off because there are too many competing products, how time-consuming it can be to compare them, or the simple fear of picking the wrong one.

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We know how important it is for you to make the right decision the FIRST time, so here are some tips to help you do just that.

Identify the Reason – What’s the (Pain) Point? 

The first step in choosing the right compliance software tools for your business is knowing what you want the software to do. Before you start searching for a compliance program, you need to know what you’re actually searching for.  

We suggest listing out all the problems or time-busters you would like the software to take care of for you. Some common examples may include …  

Right now, you may need to handle one or all these requirements, plus your day job! The right software will not only automate these tasks, but it will also give you peace of mind that they’re done right in the eyes of the DOT. Remember, compliant businesses + happy DOT officers = successful audits.  

Once you’ve determined what your pain points are, you can then effectively choose software that will help solve them.

List Out Software Requirements – What Features Does it Need to Have? 

If you could create the perfect software program for your company, what would it include? Finding one that checks ALL the boxes could be difficult, but not impossible.  

Start compiling what you would like to see in your ideal software solution. If you’re struggling to get a list going, here are a few factors to consider:  

  • Usability – Is mobile-friendliness key for you? Do you need to access your account across multiple devices? Are you looking for a single application that consolidates all your work into one location?
  • Security – How is your information or files stored? How many people can have access to them?  
  • Budget – What’s a fair spending range for your company? Do you have room if rates increase, or if you need to upgrade to a higher package level to meet your changing needs?  
  • Vendor Benefits – What do you want to see in a software partner? Positive reviews, a large customer base, 24/7 customer support?  

Answering these important questions will help filter out any no-goes and get you even closer to making the right choice.

Free Demos & Trials – The Easy Way to Get the Inside Scoop  

See if any of the compliance software solutions you’re interested in offer free trial periods. Whether they last for 10 days or three months, you’ll get a first-hand experience with the features and functionalities, at least on a basic level. Plus, it won’t cost you a dime!  

Another way to get exclusive access to the software you’re considering is to get a free demo. A dedicated compliance specialist will show you the ins and outs of the software, including the package levels you can choose from (if applicable).  

Since they’re the experts, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to ask the specialist any questions you have before you commit to a contract. Now is the time to bring up those pain points mentioned earlier, and see if the software they’re pitching has direct solutions for them.

Your Software Search Can End Here  

If the time-consuming tasks mentioned above are taking away from your daily duties and you need software that can take care of them for you, there is a solution: Foley.  

Each one of those compliance-related matters can be handled with ease when you use the Foley Platform.  

Our exclusive eApplication is designed to get drivers behind the wheel faster, (have you read this case study on how we reduced one company’s time-to-hire by 85%?)  

Our background check program is DOT and FCRA compliant and gets you the intel you need on prospective employees without skipping a beat in the hiring process.  

Our drug and alcohol testing and DOT Clearinghouse management programs help you meet compliance requirements and ensure you’re maintaining a safe workplace.  

Need we say more? If you’re more of a “seeing is believing” type – and we don’t blame you for that – get your FREE demo of Foley’s software today and take the final step toward choosing the right solution for your company’s compliance needs.

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