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Why One DOT Compliance Partner is All You Need
Mariah Barr
9 mins read

Comparing DOT compliance software? Here’s why consolidating your solutions with one company is better than juggling multiple providers.

Working with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) compliance providers shouldn’t be more work for you, whether you’re an owner-operator, safety manager, HR professional, or somewhere in between.

Using compliance services from multiple companies just to ensure you’re following federal regulations can be a nightmare. Plus, the number of drivers you employ shouldn’t impact the effectiveness of your compliance solutions.  

Your compliance provider should, however, lift some weight off your shoulders. All your compliance programs should be automated, meaning they run the regular checks and alerts you need, with support from a dedicated in-house account manager who can answer your questions and address any concerns in a timely manner. And you should expect this level of service from one company.

This is exactly what you get when you’re a Foley customer. 

Want to see how we stack up to the competition? Check out our comparison chart. 

Working with multiple companies simply isn’t the route you want to take when you’re looking for DOT compliance solutions. Here’s why you should consolidate your DOT compliance solutions with one partner, like Foley: 

  • All your compliance programs can be managed on a single platform 
  • The latest software and technology is applied to your compliance programs 
  • Customer service standards are higher than the competition 
  • A direct support system is put in place even before you're a customer 

One Platform for Comprehensive Compliance 

You already log into various company accounts to complete your daily tasks. Why add even more programs to your never-ending tech stack for your DOT compliance needs? 

Managing your compliance on one platform simplifies the entire process. With Foley, you can access all the following programs in our secure DOT compliance software platform

  • DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing  
  • DOT Clearinghouse Services 
  • DOT Background Checks 
  • DOT Physicals 
  • Driver Qualification File Creation & Management 
  • MVR Monitoring 
  • DOT Audit Support 

We even have an all-new hiring, screening, and onboarding software solution to help you fill more positions with “driver” in the job description. Get to know Dash now! 

Consolidating your compliance programs in one software package is the only way to ensure you get accurate, streamlined solutions without needing to manage multiple accounts or connect with numerous companies on a regular basis. Having visibility into your entire account helps ensure there aren't any gaps in your compliance, and you aren't at risk for higher-than-ever penalties and fines.

Utilization of Modern Solutions 

The regulations behind DOT compliance are always changing. And if the regulations themselves don’t change, the processes of meeting them have the potential to do so. 

You need a DOT compliance provider who stays on top of the latest compliance solutions and makes them available to your company.

For instance, many DOT drug testing companies haven’t switched to electronic Custody and Control Forms (eCCFs), even though they were rolled out by the FMCSA in 2015. The use of eCCFs has been shown to reduce testing turnaround times by 25% and they nearly eliminate legibility and privacy issues that are found with paper forms. 

Progressive DOT compliance providers see the value in saving their customers time and resources no matter what it takes. Foley encourages our clients to use eCCFs for their DOT drug testing if and whenever possible, and that’s only one example of our commitment to streamlined compliance. 

Switch to Digital Drug Testing Forms Now

Foley also offers an exclusive Audit Risk Monitoring (ARM) report, which notifies you of your CSA score, Foley Compliance score, and any changes to the two of them on a monthly basis. You never have to wonder if your company is at risk of facing or failing a DOT compliance audit. 

In addition to our progressive compliance services, Foley's experts consistently stay on top of the latest regulatory and DOT compliance news and pass it along to you on our daily blog, in our educational webinars, and in our resourceful eBooks. 

High Customer Service Standards

DOT compliance will always hinge on building relationships. But you shouldn’t need to jump through hoops every time you need to address something regarding your FMCSA requirements or programs. 

One of these common “hoops” is getting in touch with a customer service representative. Did you know that some DOT compliance companies don’t allow their clients to call them? Their customers can only email any requests, questions, and concerns they have. 

Foley’s Customer Service team goes far above and beyond these rock-bottom standards. Our representatives are available via phone, as well as email to provide the solutions our customers need. Plus, since we consolidate all the compliance solutions you need under one roof, our knowledgeable experts have completed rigorous DOT compliance training and can speak to nearly any regulatory concerns or questions you may have. 

Check out this stellar Trustpilot review about one of Foley's outstanding Compliance Consultants:

My experience has been great thus far. My POC Christine D. has been great from the time she sent that first email. She has answered all my questions and she broke down everything I need (paperwork-wise) to get my business off the ground and is very patient. I look forward to our business relationship growing. 

You can see more of our excellent Trustpilot reviews here.

Simplified Support System 

You call a plumber when your home has a plumbing problem. They are experienced professionals who should be able to handle all your plumbing needs. The same concept applies to your DOT compliance. 

Just because you may need different types of compliance services doesn’t mean you should have to call on different companies to handle them for you. Working with one provider for your DOT compliance needs – no matter what specific solutions you’re looking for – reduces the number of contacts to memorize, relationships to maintain, and invoices you need to pay. 

Consolidate Your DOT  Compliance Programs Now

Once you sign up with Foley, you’ll have a dedicated account representative who you can connect with throughout your compliance journey. You will likely have many questions at the beginning of the process, which they are always happy to help with. Even after your DOT compliance software is up and running and you’re finally meeting vital compliance requirements, they’ll still be a phone call away.  

Make Foley Your One & Only DOT Compliance Partner 

Long gone are the days of juggling multiple vendors for all your DOT compliance needs. If you’re looking for an all-in-one DOT compliance provider, your search stops here, with Foley.  

Our compliance experts are ready to show you a free demo of our highly rated programs that can help you meet federal regulations, prepare for compliance audits, and make your job easier.

It’s time to let Foley consolidate your DOT compliance solutions. Fill out the form below to get started.

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