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How to Use Foley’s Collection Site Locator
Mariah Barr
7 mins read

Did you know Foley offers a FREE DOT drug test & DOT physical site locator?

That’s right – the collection site locator is ideal for those with drivers who may be in any city or state throughout the US at any given time. It’s mostly used for scheduling random DOT drug tests, but it can also be used for pre-employment drug testing, breath alcohol testing, and even DOT physicals.

You can quickly and easily find a collection site that’s conveniently located along your driver’s route. That way, their DOT-mandated drug test doesn’t interfere with their work schedule or delivery targets.

Let’s go through these steps of how to use the Foley collection site locator:

  • Where you can find the locator on the Foley website
  • How to narrow down results to find the most convenient location
  • Which services you can filter by to get the exact results you need
  • How to get driving directions to the sites closest to your driver

Accessing the Locator

The Foley collection site locator is available online 24/7. No matter when or where you need to schedule a drug test, you can access it on the Foley website. It can be found at foleyservices.com/collection-site-locator.

Make sure to add it to your bookmarks or save it to your favorites! You’ll always have it handy when you need to schedule another DOT drug test for any of your drivers.

Narrowing Down the Most Convenient Location

Once you’ve navigated to the locator, it’s time to find the best collection site for your driver.

In the search box, enter the zip code or city and state where you would like to search for a collection site. You can also filter between in-network sites or all sites, which includes any collection site in the area you’ve provided.

Clicking or tapping Find Locations will then bring up all the available collection sites that meet your selections. From there, you can use the map to take a closer look at the information for each location, including:

  • Site collection name
  • Distance from your zip code/city/state
  • Drug testing services offered

You may be able to make your collection site decision at this point, but if you’re not finding exactly what you’re looking for, you can also narrow down the results by the exact drug testing service you need for your driver.

Filter by Specific Drug Testing Services

Do you need to find a certain type of testing service, or even a DOT physical at a location near your driver? In the collection site locator, you can filter results by choosing from the following testing types, location features, or service offerings:

  • Drug Testing: Urine, DOT & Non-DOT
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • ECCF: Electronic Custody & Control Form
  • After-Hours Services
  • On-Site Services
  • Instant Drug Testing: Non-DOT Only
  • Hair Collection
  • DOT Physical

Finding a collection site that accepts and uses electronic custody and control forms (eCCFs) can make your compliance and recordkeeping efforts easier. As a DOT-regulated business, you’re expected to retain each CCF for five years from the date it was used to order a drug test that an employee refused or produced a positive (failing) result, and retain each CFF one year from the date it was used to order a drug test that produced a negative (passing) result.

In addition, it’s important to note that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has not yet released guidelines for hair follicle drug testing, meaning it is not an acceptable testing method for federal programs. Urinalysis is still the only DOT-compliant drug testing method as of today.

Get Driving Directions to Collection Sites

Once you have a solid list of nearby collection sites, click or tap the Show Closest 3 button at the top of the results map. You’ll get step-by-step driving directions to the three sites that are nearest to the location you’ve provided.

If you’re providing them to your driver, make sure these routes are safe for them to travel, especially if they are hauling freight. A DOT drug test is never worth risking their safety!

Need Your DOT Drug Testing Handled? Foley’s Got it for You.

While our drug test collection site locator is easy to use, you may still feel overwhelmed when it comes to DOT drug testing. If you’re not sure you’re screening your drivers compliantly, let the experts at Foley handle it.

Our DOT drug testing services cover every type of screening you may need, including pre-employment, random, post-accident, return-to-duty, and reasonable suspicion tests. You’ll get the results so you can make the best hiring decisions, handle unfortunate incidents, or get a driver back on the road as quickly as possible.

And the best part? You won’t have to worry about scheduling these DOT drug tests for your drivers anymore. We’ll make sure you meet DOT testing requirements and find the most convenient location for your employees within our network of over 12,000 collection sites.

One more thing: Foley uses eCCFs to make your DOT recordkeeping effortless.

Does all this sound ideal? Schedule a demo of our DOT drug and alcohol screening program today by filling out the form below. We know you’ll never go back to doing it all on your own.

Fill out this form and a member of our team will reach out shorty.

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