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Why Pay for
Self-Serve Compliance?


A few of the big names in DOT compliance are not much more than an online filing cabinet for your documents – if they offer an electronic solution at all.

That means you are responsible for…

  • Staying on top of expiration dates.
  • Running annual MVRs on time.
  • Ensuring employment applications are filled out completely.

It’s no wonder why Foley is the #1 rated DOT compliance provider on TrustPilot. Our solution is fully compliant, fully automated, and fully supported by a staff of compliance experts. 


Here’s how we stack up:


      Foley    The Competition 

Customer Service 

The support of a dedicated in-house Account Manager (at no extra cost).  No dedicated support (or they charge extra for it). 

Compliant Document Upload 

Mobile-friendly document upload service for driver CDLs and medical cards that is fully compliant with federal privacy laws.  Asks drivers to scan and email pictures of their sensitive documents (in violation of federal privacy laws). 

Ongoing Compliance Management   

Timely compliance alerts & notifications when documents need to be renewed or an MVR is due.  Provides file storage and creation only – it’s your responsibility to manage document expiration dates. 

Driver File Storage  

Free* inactive driver file storage.  Charges for the storage of inactive driver files. 

Audit Support 

Free DOT Audit Support   Charges extra for audit support services (even when they’re at fault). 

File Security  

Secure document transmittal for sensitive data (as required by federal law).  Documents are unlawfully requested via email and fax.  

Digital vs. Paper 

100% digital files (that are offsite audit ready).  Still manages files on paper. 

FCRA Compliance  

FCRA-compliant background screening processes.   Doesn’t provide the required Disclosures and Authorizations (in violation of federal privacy laws). 

DOT-Compliant Application 

Provides a DOT-compliant application and ensures it’s filled out completely.  Provides a paper application and doesn’t double-check the driver’s data to ensure it was completed correctly (leading to a non-compliant driver file).  

*With enrollment in our Driver Qualification File program 

Experience the Foley Difference


Schedule your customized demo and see why the Head of Compliance at Clutter had this to say after making the switch to Foley: 

“As Clutter expands its service offerings across the country, I feel confident that we can achieve and maintain compliance quickly in all locations with the support of Foley. Their team is professional, polite, and responsive, and their platform provides a huge relief for our Compliance team.” 

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