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How DOT Compliance Software with Onboarding Automation Improves Time-to-Hire
Mariah Barr
7 mins read

Good onboarding automation can reduce the time it takes to hire quality talent and proactively help with DOT record keeping requirements.

Moving from paper job applications to a DOT compliance software solution with an eApplication, like Foley’s, can have a positive effect on your recruitment process.

  • Hire better drivers faster—good news in this tight labor market.
  • Have instant access to driver qualification files when you or the DOT needs them.
  • Create a candidate experience that fosters excitement among new hires.

When it comes to managing job applications, making the switch from paper files to onboarding automation might sound daunting. But with the right DOT compliance software, it doesn’t have to be. And once you make the shift, you’ll be amazed at how easy the recruitment process becomes, even as you scale.

Below, learn more about onboarding automation’s key benefits along with some pro tips to keep in mind as you evaluate different options.

Good onboarding automation leverages what candidates already crave: mobile applications.

Let’s face it: People expect to do everything on their phones—from ordering food to filling out job applications. This is why your onboarding automation should have built-in electronic application functionality. You want to make it super simple for people to apply to your open positions.

Not to mention, eApplications provide other benefits. First, you won’t need to worry about legibility issues or data entry mistakes, both of which can slow down the hiring process. Second, candidates will be able to do things like take pictures of their CDL right from their phone and upload the image ASAP.

  •  PRO TIP: Look for onboarding automation that allows people to save their progress if they pause filling out the application (instead of having to start over).

Good onboarding automation captures the right info at the right time.

In the “old days” of recruitment, hiring managers had one shot to get all the info they needed on each candidate since everyone used paper applications. These paper apps were notoriously long and required everything under the sun, from past employment to references to social security numbers and everything in between.

Luckily, our digital world has changed all that. Now, recruiters who embrace onboarding automation can ask for only the information they need, when they need it, depending on the stage the job candidate is in.

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For example, if you’re hiring commercial truck drivers, the first thing you might ask for is a copy of the person’s CDL. And then, you might want to check their driving record by running an MVR. If the person has a poor driving record and/or an expired CDL, you’ll probably pass on them. So why gather other information, like references and employment history?

This streamlined approach helps reduce time-to-hire because you won’t be wasting time moving candidates forward who aren’t a good fit for your open positions. Instead, you can continue with candidates who do “pass” your initial set of questions and move them on to the next stage. From there, you can ask for additional info, as needed.

  • PRO TIP: Look for onboarding automation that allows you to control the information you gather for the position you’re hiring for, including when you can request it.

Good onboarding automation keeps everything in one tidy online space and makes DOT record keeping easier.

When you use onboarding automation, maintaining employee records (like driver qualification files) is a breeze. As its name suggests, DOT compliance software with automation does everything automatically, like keeping track of required DOT documentation, background checks, and the like.

  •  PRO TIP: Not all onboarding automation is created equal, however. Some online systems are nothing more than glorified online filing cabinets. Look for a solution that can be securely accessed from any device, at any time. (This is especially important during offsite audits!)

Good onboarding automation improves the candidate experience.

If you make the application process too cumbersome for job candidates, you risk having them turn to a competitor who does make applying easy. This means you’ll lose out on quality candidates, which isn’t a good strategy, particularly if you’re looking for more drivers.

Keep in mind that a good candidate experience does affect your prospective employees and their perception of your company. Give them a good experience, and they’re much more likely to look forward to getting started with you. Make it frustrating, and, well, the opposite could happen. Plus, candidates do talk, and word does get around.

Again, it’s a tight labor market in general, and even more so for trucking companies. Do you want to be known as the ultra-difficult company—or the company that makes everything easier for applicants and employees?

  • PRO TIP: When evaluating different onboarding solutions, ask how things are handled if an applicant has a problem or question with the process. For example, if a driver is trying to schedule drug testdoes the vendor offer support with those efforts? Technology is great, but the human touch still prevails.

Bottom line: Good onboarding automation can reduce the time it takes to hire quality talent.

Everything we described above goes into reducing time-to-hire, provided you use a high-quality DOT compliance software solution, like Foley’s. But don’t take our word for it. Koppers, Inc. had been using paper applications for years. But when it was looking to quickly scale its workforce, the company’s safety manager knew it was time to embrace a digital solution.

Read the complete case study and learn how Foley reduced Koppers’ time-to-hire by 85%.

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