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Are You Ready for Roadcheck 2023? Here’s How to Prepare.
Mariah Barr
8 mins read

DOT compliance is key to passing roadside inspections during the annual enforcement event.

With the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) annual International Roadcheck coming up in just under a month (yes, already!), now is the time to take inventory of your truck maintenance, driver files, and ELD solution. The 72-hour enforcement event will be taking place Tuesday, May 16 through Thursday, May 18, 2023.

Keep in mind, Roadcheck inspections are meant to evaluate truck parts and DOT compliance matters you should already check and maintain on a regular basis. Failing an inspection will result in time off the road and money lost for your company. In order to help you avoid violations, expensive fines, and potential out-of-service (OOS) orders, we'll answer the following questions to make sure you are prepared for this year’s event:

  • What should I expect during Roadcheck 2023?
  • What paperwork should my drivers have for Roadcheck?
  • How can I prepare for hours-of-service (HOS) and electronic logging device (ELD) checks?
  • What happens after any of my drivers are given a Roadcheck inspection?

What Should I Expect During Roadcheck 2023? 

If you’ve been through a Roadcheck inspection before, you probably know what to expect by now. But if this is your first one, it’s even more important to take note of all the elements you should be checking and get to know the different CVSA inspection levels. Most roadside inspections are level 1 inspections, which involve a 37-step process of checking all areas of the tractor and trailer, along with important driver paperwork. 

Most of the parts of your trucks that will be inspected during a level 1 inspection include: 

  • Under the hood (engine, wiring, hoses) 
  • Tires, wheels, rims, and hubs 
  • Brakes (Anti-lock braking systems are one of the CVSA focus areas for 2023!)
  • Lights 
  • Windshield wipers
  • Seatbelts 
  • Load securement (Cargo securement is the other CVSA focus area for this year!)

You can learn more about all the CVSA inspection levels here.

Drivers should check most of these elements during their pre-trip inspection before they get behind the wheel. 

As noted above, this year’s focus is on ABS and cargo securement. ABS violations won't result in OOS orders, but if the ABS light is illuminated on the dash or an inspector finds issues with any part of the ABS system, like the wheel sensors, control unit, brake valves, or wiring, the driver could be ticketed. Over 4,500 OOS brake violations were cited during Roadcheck 2022  don't let your fleet be a part of them this year!

Also, 1,934 cargo securement OOS orders were cited during last year's Roadcheck blitz. When looking into your drivers' load securement this year, inspectors will confirm there are enough tie-downs for the weight and length of the freight they're transporting, check the quality and condition of the tie-downs themselves, and ensure the cargo will not shift or spill during transport.

As a helpful side note, you should make sure your truck is neat and clean before the enforcement event begins! A DOT officer is more likely to look more closely for potential violations when he or she sees the truck has been neglected. 

What Paperwork Should I Have Ready for Roadcheck? 

In order to be prepared for Roadcheck 2023, you will need to make sure your drivers have the appropriate DOT compliance documentation. Inspectors will closely analyze driver operating credentials and requirements, such as whether they have a valid CDL and an updated medical certificate. 

A few of the documents your drivers should have ready are: 

  • Driver’s License/CDL 
  • Medical Examiners Certificate 
  • Record of Duty Status (RODS)
  • Daily Vehicle Inspection Report 
  • Periodic Inspection Reports 
  • Shipping Papers 
  • Vehicle Inspection Certificate 
  • Skill Performance Evaluation Certificate 

Your drivers having these documents in their possession is as equally important as ensuring their trucks and trailers are in order. If your drivers don’t have them with them during the inspection, or any of them are expired, they may be placed out of service. A digital compliance system can easily manage these documents for you by automatically tracking expiration dates and incomplete driver files. It will also alert you to missing documents and outdated medical cards. 

How Can I Prepare for HOS & ELD Checks?

During Roadcheck 2022, 42.6% of driver violations were due to false driver logs. This is surprising considering the ELD records your HOS information automatically, and the rules are readily available to any CMV driver. Learning about how specific HOS rules apply to you and if you qualify for any HOS exemptions can help you steer clear of these DOT compliance violations yourself. 

Foley has numerous resources to help you brush up on hours-of-service compliance:

We also advise you to make sure your ELDs are working properly before Roadcheck 2023 begins. If they're not, you’ll need to report a malfunctioning device and make sure you have a copy of the user manual, instruction sheet, and a supply of blank “records of duty” sheets for your drivers to use in each CMV.

What Happens After a Roadcheck Inspection? 

Once your driver's inspection is completed, they will find out if they/their CMV passed or failed. If they passed, this means the officer did not find any critical violations, and they will receive a CVSA decal to display on their CMV.

If they failed, this means critical violations were found, and their vehicle will be placed out of service until you can prove the issues have been resolved. Their freight will be left at the inspection site until you arrange for another driver to pick it up and complete the route.

Now is Your Last Chance to Prepare for Roadcheck 2023

More than 59,000 inspections were conducted throughout North America during last year’s International Roadcheck, and the CVSA inspection levels varied. The top vehicle violations cited braking systems, tires, lights, and cargo securement. In terms of top driver violations, hours of service issues, having the wrong class licenses, falsifying logs, and driving with a suspended license were cited. 

Time is running out to ensure you and your drivers are running compliantly before International Roadcheck 2023. If you need help, take our quiz to see how Roadcheck-ready you are, or click here to request a demo of our DOT compliance software solution. 

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