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CVSA Roadcheck 2023 Prep: Reviewing Roadcheck 2022 Results
Mariah Barr
7 mins read

DOT Clearinghouse violations topped the list of red flags inspectors found last year.

Before the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Roadcheck 2023 begins in less than two weeks, we're taking a step back in time to review the results of Roadcheck 2022 to help your company prepare.

Last year's blitz was nothing less than eventful, according to law enforcement officials. The established focus of the 2022 compliance event was wheel-end components, but there were numerous other factors that caught officers’ attention. 

These were a few of the noteworthy findings of Roadcheck 2022: 

  • Companies with past safety issues were more likely to have their drivers selected for full inspections
  • There was no shortage of marijuana and substance abuse violations
  • Carriers continued to allow drivers to operate, even if they were unauthorized or under prohibited status in the DOT Clearinghouse

High Safety Ratings Boosted Inspection Risk

In order to determine which commercial vehicles would be selected for complete inspections, the DMV’s Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window (CVIEW) system identified companies with new rigs that did not yet complete a roadside inspection, older companies that were overdue for inspections, and trucks working for carriers that had poor safety scores.

We’ve covered these safety scores on the Foley blog before, and if you’re unfamiliar with what they mean, it’s worth brushing up on them. You can also watch our on-demand webinar that explains CSA scores in full detail, how to improve your score, and what kind of impact they can have on your inspection and audit risk.

If CVSA inspectors used carriers' CSA scores as determining factors last year, they're likely to do it again during Roadcheck 2023. A single violation stays on your CSA record for two years, which means it could be the reason your driver is pulled into a full Roadcheck inspection this year.

Being proactive with your safety measures, including hiring smarter, providing ongoing safety training, monitoring your drivers' activity behind the wheel can significantly improve your chances of having fewer violations and a better CSA score. 

Marijuana & Substance Abuse Topped the List of Driver Violations 

In an interview with Overdrive, Massachusetts State Police Officer Mike Tucker said multiple arrests occurred each day of Roadcheck 2022, with an “unbelievable” number of drivers being found with personal-use cannabis and far less with alcohol. 

Although adult recreational use of marijuana has been legalized in 21 states across the U.S. (so far), it is still illegal on a federal basis. According to the latest DOT Clearinghouse Monthly Summary Report, marijuana is still the most-identified substance in positive drug tests with over 98,000 detections found since January 6, 2020. 

Employers should often remind their drivers of the laws and violations surrounding marijuana use to avoid citations during Roadcheck 2023 and to ensure their fleets are operating 100% sober. Having a DOT-compliant program in place for drug testing CDL drivers is also key. It can help save companies money, and, more importantly, the lives of those who share the roads with CDL drivers every day.

DOT Clearinghouse Compliance Issues Uncovered

On the note of drug- and alcohol-related violations, it was common for inspectors to find drivers with unresolved violations in the DOT Clearinghouse during Roadcheck 2022. Most of them were not retested and cleared using the required return-to-duty process before getting back in the driver’s seat.

Vermont DMV Enforcement & Safety Captain Kevin Andrews spoke to this in another interview with Overdrive: “An alarming new trend we’re seeing is how many drivers in violation with the DOT Clearinghouse return to duty,” he said, explaining that these offenses are often documented, but it’s ultimately up to the employers to remove their drivers from safety-sensitive duties in this situation. 

“Again, it makes a difference with what happens if the driver has retested and simply not filed the paperwork and submitted to the Clearinghouse, or if they simply haven’t even retested yet. If they just never filed ‘the return-to-duty retest,’ it’s an easy fix. We just have them send in the paperwork,” he stated. 

The current maximum penalty for DOT Clearinghouse violations is $5,833. This can be a hefty fine for any company to pay, much less a new entrant or small-to-medium-sized company. Complying with the Clearinghouse can be very easy – all it takes is the right partnership with a trusted third-party administrator (TPA) to take care of it. 

Get Your DOT Compliance in Check Before CVSA Roadcheck 2023 

International Roadcheck gives annual insight into what violations real drivers commit, which should encourage others to practice safer driving habits and employers to put forth better compliance efforts during CVSA Roadcheck 2023 and the rest of the year.

If you’re one of the unfortunate companies that faced an out-of-service violation during last year's blitz, or you’re simply looking for help preparing for this year's Roadcheck, Foley has your back. 

Check out our new webinar that explains how to avoid DOT Clearinghouse violations during a Roadcheck inspection. But if you're struggling to navigate other areas of compliance, let's talk.

Foley's DOT compliance software can help track your CSA score, implement MVR monitoring to keep track of your drivers' habits on the road, set up a program for drug testing CDL drivers, and more. Our digital platform offers the solutions you need to avoid violations and expensive fines. Ready to learn more? Schedule a free demo with one of our compliance experts now.

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