Samsung Tests “Live View” Truck Camera and Display

(by Peggy Dorf) Let’s say you’re driving the family car, and you’re stuck behind a Class 8 truck. You want to pass, but you can’t see the road ahead. Depending on the road, the driving conditions, and the temperament of the driver, this scenario easily could become dangerous. Continue reading


Cheap Fuel Hurting Your Bottom Line?

When fuel prices are low, your costs go down. This is good. But all-in spot market rates have also gone down, partly due to lower fuel surcharges. Continue reading


7 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Freight Rates

Below is a list of some of the questions I get asked most often about the spot market rates you see when you’re searching for loads on DAT load boards. If you have a question that I didn’t include, please send it, and I can answer it on the blog. Continue reading


Load Volume and Rates Move in Opposite Directions

Rates moved in the opposite direction from load-to-truck ratios last week. Van and reefer rates declined while load volume and ratios for those equipment types increased. For flatbeds, rates rose while volume and ratio declined. Continue reading


Would You Drive 13 Miles for $395?

Say you’re making a trip that’s longer than 550 miles. That’s probably more than a one-day trip. Since shorter hauls typically pay higher rates per mile than long hauls, it might be worth taking a look at alternatives for that long return trip.  Continue reading


Is it Time to Grow Your Fleet?

Spot market freight surged last year, creating the high demand for trucks that led to the high rates we saw throughout 2014. Continue reading


HOS Rules Cost Drivers Billions in Wages

The hours-of-service rules that went into place in 2013 hurt trucking companies economically. The HOS rules reduced fleet productivity by 3% to 5%, and drivers lost between $1.6 billion to $3.9 billion in wages as a result of the legislation. Continue reading


5 Advantages of Using Fuel Cards vs. Credit Cards

Even with diesel prices dropping, fuel is still one of the largest expenses for carriers. The better you’re able to control that cost, the more profitable your business will be. One of the easiest ways to manage fuel costs is using a fuel card rather than relying on a corporate credit card or cash for diesel purchases. Continue reading


How to Get Your Operating Authority

If you’re an owner-operator who’s leased on with a carrier, you’ve probably toyed with the idea of getting your own authority. While there’s a lot less financial risk when you’re leased on, many drivers want the chance to earn more money and run independently. Continue reading

Truck on Highway in Fall

4 More Tips for Working With Freight Brokers

(by Mark Montague) Last month, I had the pleasure of talking to a group of owner-operators and aspiring small fleet owners in Kansas City as part of CMC Live. Continue reading