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Truck Driver Shortage Solutions That Actually Work
8 mins read

We don’t have to tell you that the transportation industry is facing an unprecedented driver shortage. (Currently 80,000 drivers and counting—and a figure that could reach 160,000 over the next decade if nothing changes.)

Multiple conditions have caused this perfect storm, including . . .

  • A record number of drivers retiring (without enough people filling their spots)
  • The DOT Clearinghouse doing its job really well (meaning over 60,000 drivers have been removed from the industry)
  • Pandemic-related complications

No doubt, you already know all this since you’re experiencing the crunch every day. You don’t need more scary stats. Instead, you need straightforward truck driver shortage solutions that actually work.

Here are four that get the job done right and compliantly.

Get Drivers on the Road Faster & More Compliantly

Truck Driver Shortage Solutions: Promote the Benefits that Set Your Company Apart.

Given the competitive landscape, prospective drivers can be extremely choosy in who they decide to work for. Highlight how your company’s perks and benefits truly set it apart from the competition.

For example, maybe you have a popular driver-referral program where you give your current drivers enticing incentives to refer their friends and family members—and you offer signing bonuses to those who end up choosing to work for you. Or maybe you have an effective truck driver safety incentive program that your drivers enjoy participating in.

Make sure you promote things like this in all recruitment materials (both print and virtual).

Think places like . . .

  • The Careers section on your company website
  • Your company’s LinkedIn page
  • A blurb in ALL job listings

Word does get around, so the more you promote the good things about driving for your company, the more interest you’ll spark.

Of course, you should also pay attention to any consistent negative stuff that employees and former employees are sharing about your business. Places like Indeed and Glassdoor can be a treasure trove of intel. But here’s the thing: You need to act on the negative stuff. Sure, you’ll always have the occasional disgruntled ex-employee who gripes about their experience. But if you’re hearing the same criticism from multiple former employees, that’s something HR should be aware of—and that they should address.

Hire Faster & More Compliantly With Our Digital DOT-Compliant Application

Truck Driver Shortage Solutions: Foster a Driver-First Workplace Culture

We know it can be challenging to foster a true workplace “culture” for drivers since they spend most of their time on the road. But your company can take measures that show it is indeed committed to a “driver-first” approach to business.

For example, if your company touts driver safety over profits, participating in the new driver fatigue management program would demonstrate to prospective drivers (as well as your current workforce) that your company is truly willing to walk the walk.

If you have women driving for your company, promote this fact. Share experiences from some of your women truck drivers to help get the word out, including the measures your company takes to create a safe environment for them. Create video testimonials and post them to your Careers page and on various social media platforms. And consider directing your driver recruitment efforts to women. (And yes, that means being innovative, like using social media.)

Truck Driver Shortage Solutions: Streamline Your Application Process

You need to make it super easy for drivers to apply to your open positions. And by super easy, we mean mobile-friendly, while still maintaining DOT compliance.

Why is a mobile-friendly app critical? Because most people today have smartphones, especially busy drivers on the go. Not to mention, people are more responsive to texts that kick off the application process (rather than email).

Our mobile-friendly application increases submissions by 33%. One of the best features? Drivers can start, stop, and save their application without losing progress. Which means they can complete it when it’s convenient for them. Drivers can also use their phone’s camera to take pictures of important docs, like their CDL and medical certificate.

Once the driver hits “submit” on their online app, everything gets uploaded automatically to your online account where your hiring manager can access everything from one intuitive dashboard.

Truck Driver Shortage Solutions: Create an Efficient Onboarding Process (and Don’t Forget About the Long Haul)

Time-to-hire matters more than ever before. If you don’t act fast, you’ll lose great candidates to a competitor​. But quality controls still matter, too, especially to the DOT. A speedy hiring process shouldn’t bypass critical checks. You still must go through all the required background screening requirements (at a minimum)​.

When you use Foley’s DOT-compliant online application, the info that the application collects from the driver provides everything needed to run their background screens, including the required consents. Your hiring manager can give Foley the virtual “OK,” and our system will ​automatically get started on the driver’s onboarding process. This includes:​

  • ​Completing the Safety Performance History​
  • Scheduling a pre-employment drug test​
  • Running a pre-employment Clearinghouse query​​

When it comes to onboarding, you also need to think about the long haul.

For example, what happens if that awesome driver you hired a few months ago is stopped for an unannounced enforcement event (like the blitz the FMCSA did in late 2021)? You and your drivers need to have all the proper files and documentation at your fingertips.

Again, when you use a compliant online application like Foley’s, we’ll use the information gathered from the app and the background screens to ensure the driver is fully compliant from the get-go—and that they stay that way for the long haul.

Our DOT-compliant online system will automatically . . .

  • Build a compliant Driver Qualification File
  • Enroll the driver in a random drug and alcohol testing program (if required)​
  • Enroll the driver in a Clearinghouse query program (if required)​
  • Keep track of important dates and provide alerts when a CDL or medical card is up for renewal—or a change is detected on the driver’s MVR

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