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Get to Know Dash: Foley's Driver Hiring & Onboarding Software
Mariah Barr
10 mins read

Turn candidates into employees and upgrade your hiring process with DOT compliance software.

There’s always the potential for growing pains when you’re hiring employees who will drive as a part of their everyday job duties.

You want to find the best talent out there to maintain your company’s reputation, meet demand, and grow the business you’re proud to be a part of. All of this can feel impossible if your hiring process isn’t convenient for you, the hiring professional, or the candidates interested in your open positions.  

You may be thinking it’s too late to start your hiring process from scratch, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. And it may not be completely necessary, either. 

What you need to do is start thinking about your available positions and your hiring process from your applicants’ point of view – then you’ll start to see why onboarding and DOT compliance software is the best approach. 

Introducing Dash, Foley’s Recruiting, Screening & Onboarding Software

With Dash, Foley’s goal is to help you hire great employees who drive vehicles on behalf of your company, from tractor-trailers and box trucks to heavy machinery and delivery vehicles. As you’re aware, these employees need to meet specific federal regulations, which start from the moment they apply for your vacant positions. 

Dash helps you meet these regulations from the very beginning, and advanced, yet user-friendly software creates a better experience for everyone involved. 

Who is Dash for? 

Dash helps you complete hiring tasks more efficiently if you are a…

  • Recruiter  
  • HR Professional  
  • Safety and Compliance Manager  
  • Candidate looking to apply to safety-sensitive jobs 

Dash serves as a single platform for creating, storing, and managing all job postings. Plus, it features a comprehensive suite of background checks, drug tests, and post-employment monitoring in one place. 

Reducing Your Time-to-Hire Starts Here

We’ve detailed the numerous benefits of using Foley’s new hiring, screening, and onboarding software below. Follow along with each step in the application process that’s significantly streamlined with Dash.

Custom Job Ad Templates 

Whether your business is growing to keep up with industry demand or you’ve recently had drivers leave your company, you need to hire truck drivers quickly. Posting an effective job ad is the first step to attracting top talent.  

The Dash job template helps ensure you include all the important details about your company and the position you’re hiring for – without going overboard.

Long, complex job postings won’t attract as many candidates as short, to-the-point ones. Today’s drivers want the basics: a job description, what qualifications are needed, and company and benefits information (if applicable). 

In Dash, this is exactly what you can share about your open positions to bring in candidates who are interested in getting behind the wheel for your company. Below is a screenshot of the “Add a Job” feature you’ll use to create your first posting.  

Seamless Sharing of Job Postings

Now that you’ve written the perfect job ad, you need to get it in front of as many applicants as possible. Instead of manually logging into your separate job posting networks and rewriting the ad over and over again, you can simply copy and paste it on LinkedIn, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, and Glassdoor.  

Dash allows you to get more eyes on your job postings without spending more time doing so.

Short-Form, Mobile-Friendly Job Application

Since you’ve shared your job ad across multiple networks, you have a driver applicant interested in your position right away! So, what does their job application experience look like?  

Dash has an initial short-form job application, which requires candidates to provide basic introductory information, details about the licenses they currently hold, and signatures to fulfill FCRA compliance requirements. This gives you, the decision maker, enough information needed to see if they qualify for the position. 

Unlike outdated paper applications, the digital Dash solution eliminates legibility and data entry errors that often result from transferring information from one source to another. Plus, it’s mobile-first, which means anyone can apply to your job postings from anywhere, on any device. 

Start Using a Driver-First  Job Application Now

If you decide to move forward in the hiring process with an applicant, you can initiate a phone interview directly from the platform. They’re likely applying to similar jobs at competing companies, so the sooner you speak to a highly qualified candidate, the better!

Stepped-Out Candidate Screening & Onboarding

Once your candidate has completed their application and you have a successful phone interview, you may proceed to the first phase of the screening process.  

By stepping out the background check process, you can choose the specific screens you need for each applicant based on job duties and regulations. Plus, if a candidate doesn’t meet eligibility requirements after the first round of screens, you don’t have to waste time and money on additional screens. 

Each phase of the screening process is completely customizable. Employers have the flexibility to step out in a way that matches their specific company values. 

For instance, a safety manager may wish to run motor vehicle reports (MVRs) before running any other screen on their applicants to ensure they have clean driving records. 

Phase one can include the following screens:

  • Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)  
  • FMCSA Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) 
  • Initial Clearinghouse Query

You will receive a confirmation email once the screens have been submitted with all the required information. When the above screens are complete, you will receive an email notification summarizing when they were ordered and completed, and the general results of each.  

If the candidate passes the first phase of screening and must complete additional screens as required by the DOT, you can then initiate the second phase. This is necessary in order to hire truck drivers. 

Start Screening Candidates Smarter

Phase two can include the following screens:

  • DOT Drug Test 
  • DOT Physical  

Once ordered, the screens will move to "pending" status. You can decide whether to select a collection site and doctor’s office location for the candidate, or the candidate can choose one that is convenient for them. 

You can check the platform for status updates as the drug testing process continues. Just like phase one, once the results for each of the phase two screenings are available, you will receive notification emails. From there, you can check the results and make your hiring decision. 

Remember, this is just an example of a two-phase screening process. You can configure your screens in any order you'd prefer to accommodate your hiring needs.

Easy Hiring & Dispositioning Processes

Congratulations! You’re ready to hire a quality, qualified candidate for your vacant position. You can mark the candidate as “hired,” select the appropriate business location (if there are multiple) and send them an official offer letter – all in the Dash platform. 

If you decide the candidate is not the right fit for your position, you can also reject them. You will then need to provide a reason for the rejection. 

Dash Makes the Hiring Difference

Growing your company is an exciting yet stressful opportunity. Dash takes away the old-fashioned, cumbersome parts of hiring and onboarding employees and upgrades them to the high standards today's candidates and hiring staff have set. 

Get a Free Dash Demo

From the easy job posting template and mobile-first job application to its phased screening process and seamless transition from "candidate" to "employee," Dash provides everything you need for a successful hire in one platform.

Ready to Screen, Hire & Onboard Better? Get a Free Demo of Dash! 

Dash makes it possible to hire more employees who have “driver” next to any of their duties in less time. If you would like to see a demo of our new onboarding software, click here. Your hiring process is about to be easier for everyone, from start to finish. 

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