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The Digital Age of DOT Compliance is Here
Joel Sitak
5 mins read

The past few years have certainly brought their fair share of challenges to the transportation industry. We’ve navigated a pandemic, took on new regulatory requirements and dealt with a growing driver shortage.

To say it hasn’t been easy seems like an understatement.

And while we can’t say for certain what the future will bring, I do believe there is reason for hope as we enter 2022. There are also steps we can take for ourselves, and our businesses, to ensure that we make the most of these next 12 months.

As we analyze these last few years – as well as the industry shifts we see on the horizon – we believe that one of the best ways to set yourself up for a successful 2022 (and beyond) is to adopt a digital recruiting, screening and compliance system.

Here’s why:

  1. Our workforce is more transient than ever before. Remote work has gone mainstream these last few years, in what will likely become a permanent change for many companies. You may have employees in the office, working at home, on the road, or they may split their time between a few locations. This has made a reliance on digital technologies even more imperative. We need easy tools to not only stay in touch, but to access and store important company documents from multiple locations.
  2. The federal government now expects it. When the DOT made the decision to start experimenting with offsite audits, they did so with the belief that most motor carriers were already managing their compliance documentation digitally – and that it would be simple for them to upload driver files, drug & alcohol testing results and other documentation quickly upon request. As many of you can probably relate to, that was not the case. Not only have carriers had to scramble to locate, scan and upload everything being asked for, but many aren’t given enough notice to address missing documents or noncompliance issues before the deadline.
  3. It gives you a competitive edge when hiring. People are increasingly turning to technology when it comes time to look and apply for a new job – and this includes the drivers you’re trying to hire for your company. At Foley, we’ve found that companies see a significant increase in the number of employment applications they receive once they adopt an easy-to-use digital application. If the application is also DOT compliant, they’ll be even further ahead of the game as it provides all of the information needed to run the new driver’s required background screens, build their driver file and schedule their pre-employment drug test.  The faster you can get drivers behind the wheel, the more successful your recruiting and hiring engine will be.

Lastly, but perhaps even more importantly, is that it simplifies and improves your compliance. Experts agree that the vast majority of compliance violations are caused by improper recordkeeping – something that we see carriers struggle with increasingly as their driver count grows. An electronic, automated system that alerts you when documents need to be updated or when a file is incomplete, will help protect you from simple (but expensive) compliance mistakes. It can also cut the amount of time your company spends on compliance management by almost half.

 As we look ahead into 2022, the big theme seems to be this: increased roadway safety. As the FMCSA and CVSA work together even more closely to ensure driver and carrier compliance, there has never been a better time to audit and reevaluate your own safety and compliance processes. In doing so, and by making the switch to a digital system now, you’ll be setting yourself up for a successful future.

With decades of experience in DOT compliance, Foley has built an electronic platform that consolidates all your hiring, screening and compliance processes into one secure and easy-to-use solution.

And the best part? It’s backed by the support and expertise of our compliance team to ensure that whatever regulation changes come up next – that you’ll have the personalized support to get through it with ease.  Click here to learn more.

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