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Survey: Over Half of Carriers Still Managing Paper Driver Files
3 mins read

A recent Foley survey found that over half of motor carriers are still using a paper-based system to manage their driver qualification files. “The results are surprising,” Foley compliance expert Greg Pakiela said. “Even as technology takes over so many other parts of carriers’ business, driver qualification files are still being managed primarily on paper.”

New Webinar: Converting to Digital Driver Files

Yet, if a carrier gets selected for an offsite audit, carriers will need to scan and submit files in a digital format within 48 hours. Paper files are also very inefficient – especially as the driver count increases. Between managing expiration dates for CDLs and medical cards to ensuring documents are updated in a timely manner, there is a lot of time and organization that goes into maintaining paper files. And unless files are periodically audited for accuracy (another time-consuming process), it can be easy to overlook a missing document.

“Right now, as many employees work from home, we’re seeing a greater dependence on technology than ever before,” Pakiela said. “Converting all paper files into a digital format not only makes them accessible from anywhere, but it ensures that they are protected against theft, fire or another disaster.”

Automated Compliance

Using an electronic compliance solution such as the Foley portal has another key benefit – it simplifies the process of creating and maintaining compliant driver qualification files. For new hires, information is taken directly from the driver’s electronic DOT application to run the required background checks and create a file. If there are additional documents that need to be included, the employer will receive a portal alert or email notification so either they or the driver can upload it to the file.

For file maintenance, the same is true. The portal will keep track of key dates and then send alerts and notifications to ensure you know when a driver’s CDL is up for renewal or their annual MVR needs to be pulled, for example.

As we discussed in a recent case study, one of the primary reasons managing fleet compliance is so challenging is because of all of the manual processes that are involved – from running pre-employment background screens and creating driver files to maintaining those files on an ongoing basis. This was a cumbersome process that required a great deal of time (and accuracy) on the part of the logistics team.

Foley’s automated solution solved this problem. “I’m very excited that we don’t have to deal with paper anymore,” Elberta Logistics Safety Manager Tiffany Hughes said.

Case Study: How One Company Tripled Their Fleet and Improved Their Hiring & Compliance Processes

By converting from paper to digital driver files now, you’ll improve efficiencies, enhance your compliance and ensure that files are both secure and readily accessible – whether you’re in the office or working remotely.

To learn more about Foley’s digital driver file solution, click here or call (860) 815-0764.

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