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How to Improve Productivity by 50% with DOT Compliance Automation
Mariah Barr
5 mins read

“The Foley platform cuts the time I spend managing driver files in half – at least.” 

That’s what one of our happy customers, DNC Logistics, said after Foley converted their paper driver files to our compliance automation platform.  

They no longer needed to track important dates using an Outlook calendar, (such as CDL expirations or when a driver’s annual Motor Vehicle Report needed to be run) and risk missing them altogether.  

Instead, each driver in the company now has a digital file where all their documents are safely stored – along with a record of when CDLs and medical cards are due for renewal, or the annual MVR must be run.   

For new employees, files are created during the driver onboarding period and kept for three years after their employment ends, which allows them to effortlessly meet DOT recordkeeping requirements.  

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Does this sound like a driver file dream to you? It doesn’t have to be. Here’s how Foley’s DOT compliance automation program can reduce paperwork and increase productivity for your company too.

Seamless Driver File Creation

Hiring CDL drivers can be the toughest part of your job, but once you’ve found the perfect candidate to add to your fleet, it’s time to make sure their driver files are in perfect order from the very beginning. 

With the right DOT compliance automation software solution, you won’t have to start from scratch to create their file – all their documents will already be available from the application process. That’s exactly what happens with the Foley Platform. 

When a candidate uses our fully digital Driver First eApplication, they can upload their CDL and medical card from their preferred mobile device. Those documents are then securely stored in the cloud for you to access when it’s time to build their driver file, and you’re automatically notified when their expiration dates are creeping up (we’ll cover that next).   

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Foley’s eApplication increases application submissions by 33%, and it sets up the driver file creation and management process for success.

Legibility and data entry errors are almost eliminated since the process is completely digital from start to finish. Plus, there’s no need to copy and paste driver information from place to place. It’s all together from the moment your candidate hits “submit.”

Convenient & Immediate Alerts & Notifications 

If a paper calendar, sticky notes, or any sort of digital reminder app isn’t cutting it when it comes to remembering your compliance deadlines, you’re not alone. Foley customers love the alerts and notifications feature of our software solution.  

As it turns out, this isn’t always included with every DOT compliance automation software out there. One Foley Platform user had this to say:   

“With our previous vendor, we’d get a blanket email once a month that had a long list of driver names and the documents that needed to be updated – there wasn’t really any advanced warning.” 

But with a Foley account, anyone with login access can instantly see when a driver’s CDL needs to be updated, or when they’re due for a DOT physical – months ahead of time.   

There’s no need to worry if an auditor comes calling and requires digital driver files within 48 hours. And with offsite audits up 400% since 2019, it’s a good idea to do this before it’s too late. 

Take DOT Compliance Tasks Off Your To-Do List  

The Foley Platform is truly an all-in-one compliance consolidation solution. All your programs will be in one place, so there’s no need to contact multiple vendors to take care of all your driver file and screening needs (yet another time-saving opportunity!)  

Developed with decades of transportation industry experience, our platform is user-friendly, completely customizable to your company’s specific needs, and includes a dedicated in-house account representative who can answer all your compliance questions.  

We don’t outsource any of our services, either. When you work with us, you really work with us!  

Get to know the Foley Platform and how it can boost your company’s productivity by booking a FREE software demo with one of our trusted DOT compliance automation specialists. We’re ready to make compliance easier and less time-consuming for you.  

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