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2021 Roadcheck Results: Top Driver Violations
3 mins read

Of the more than 40,000 vehicle inspections held throughout North America during May’s annual Roadcheck event, over 20 percent were put out of service for vehicle and/or driver compliance issues.

The top vehicle violations that led to out-of-service orders resulted from issues with brake systems, tires, lights, brake adjustments and cargo securement.

The top driver violations that led to out-of-service orders resulted from hours of service issues, driving with the wrong license class, falsifying logs and driving with a suspended license.

Regular vehicle inspections can help prevent the vehicle noncompliance issues above. There’s also a simple way to prevent many of the common driver violations:

A simple MVR check

From operating with the wrong license class, to operating with a suspended or expired license, over one-third of drivers who were placed out of service had a licensing issue that prevented them from operating a CMV legally.

The Importance of Regular MVR Checks

For motor carriers, this statistic highlights the importance of running regular MVR checks on your drivers. While the annual review is certainly helpful, it leaves you in the dark for 11 months out of the year. If a driver’s license is revoked, or they receive a serious motor vehicle violation during this time, it could be many months before you find out.

The easiest way to prevent having one of your drivers pulled from the road for a licensing issue, is to enroll them in an MVR monitoring program. This ensures that you’re always informed about changes to your drivers’ motor vehicle records – so that you can take the appropriate action and keep your business safe.

Have Questions About Your Driver Files or the MVR? We Can Help!

How MVR Monitoring Works

An MVR Monitoring program works like this:

  • You partner with a DOT background screening provider that understands both your FMCSA and FCRA compliance requirements
  • After getting the needed consent, drivers are enrolled in a program that continuously monitors their MVRs for changes
  • When a change is detected on a driver’s report, you are instantly notified so that you can review the change and address it with your driver

At Foley, our MVR Monitoring program also fulfills each driver’s annual MVR requirement, taking one more thing off your compliance “to do” list.

To learn more about our MVR monitoring program, as well as the benefits to your company, please give us a call at (860) 815-0764.

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