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Making the Switch to Electronic Custody and Control Forms
Mariah Barr
3 mins read

While Custody of Control forms act as paper trails for drug and alcohol specimen tests, they do not need to be carbon-copy, paper forms. Using traditional paper forms might seem easy, especially if that’s what your company has always done, but it could be wasting precious time, money, and resources. The timely completion of the testing process could be delayed as a result. 

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Facing Challenges with Paper Forms 

The Custody and Control Forms layout does not allow room for error; the numerous sections contain small spaces to record the necessary information, and misprints or legibility issues are much more likely to occur at the hands of those writing everything by hand. Any unclear information can be detrimental to the accuracy and legality of the reported test results. 

In addition to miswritten information, it’s quite possible for employees to lose or damage paper forms on their way to the collection site, slowing down the process to a screeching halt. Sending Electronic Chain of Custody forms (eCCFs) to the testing location ensures timely delivery and the added security of your employees’ personal information. 

You probably remember the frustrating test result delays that occurred in August 2021, due to issues involved with the transition to the new CCF forms. Even though this situation was avoidable, the unfortunate aftermath was not. Getting new paper forms was difficult because of supply chain issues and staffing shortages. 

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Save Time & Transition to Electronic Forms 

Partnering with a digital provider like Foley can change all of that. Switching to electronic forms means you won’t need to worry about whether the forms you’re using are current or how to handle hindering backorders. Any future form updates will be taken care of so you can focus on more important things, like running your business. 

We can even connect you with labs in your area that accept electronic forms. The eCCFs are automatically sent to the testing facilities and refreshed throughout the process with Foley’s program. Real-time test status updates are also available to Foley platform customers, which can increase the speed of the process and decrease downtime.

Keep in mind: Maintaining a record of Chain of Custody forms is required by the FMCSA. Preparing for audits and staying compliant is much easier with an electronic record of these documents. With Foley’s convenient program, each driver’s file contains their own forms, and they can be accessed from any device at any time. You’ll never have to second-guess when it comes to maintaining your drivers’ DOT drug testing records. 

Traditional paper forms may have sufficed in years past, but it’s time to start working smarter, not harder. Foley is here to help your company evolve to electronic Custody and Control forms! 

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