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Four Truckers & Their Famous Furry Friends You Need to See
Mariah Barr
6 mins read

Take a break and enjoy some smiles as we share a fun roundup of our favorite truckers and their furry copilots.

As any trucker can attest, life on the road can be equal parts thrilling and lonely. That’s why nothing warms our hearts more than seeing social media accounts featuring truckers with their pets—especially when said pets are riding shotgun.

Pets not only provide comfort and companionship during long hauls—they can also inspire better driving decisions and a better appreciation for one’s health. For example, if the trucker has to stop to walk Fido, those extra steps are going to do the trucker’s body a whole lot of good as well.

Truckers aren’t the only ones who benefit, though. Many rescue and shelter animals have found loving homes in the arms of long-haul truckers. And trucking companies can benefit, too. We recently published an article that discusses how allowing pets in the cab can help recruit drivers.

But enough of that. For now, let’s get back to the cuteness.

Below are just a few of our favorite social media accounts featuring truckers and their furry companions.

Truckers & Their Pets: Happiness by the Mile

Run by a young woman named Shelby who hails from Salt Lake City, this social media account (which you can find on InstagramYouTubeFacebook, and more) features an unvarnished look at life on the road, including the thrills (gorgeous sunrises) and the miseries (breaking down in the middle of a snowstorm).

Shelby is joined by her trusty sidekick, Dakota, a gorgeous German Shepherd. Dakota prefers driving to posing for pics as evidenced by this shot from Shelby’s Instagram account.

One of the things we appreciate so much about Shelby’s vlogs on YouTube is that she gives an honest account of her daily life as a trucker, complete with her misadventures (like hauling empties 2000 miles by mistake). All of this is especially helpful for new drivers or people thinking about entering the industry.

Of course, we’re partial to this video where Shelby chronicles life on the road with Dakota.

Truckers & Their Pets: King Allens

This TikTok account is run by a young truck driver who goes by the handle King Allens. The King travels with his special canine friend named Trunks. In this TikTok video, he explains how long-haul trucking can be boring and stressful—and that a pet can be a good way to remedy both.

He recommends that all truck drivers bring a pet along for the ride if their company allows it. Below is a still image taken from one of King Allens’ TikToks with his sweet pup.

Truckers & Their Pets: Trucker Cats

Now, let’s turn to some of our favorite felines. The Instagram account “Trucker Cats” features two sweet kitties named Peanut and Maverick along with their truck-driving human.

The image below is a shot of Hood River, Oregon, with Peanut looking on from a cozy perch in the cab.

Is it normal for us to SO envy a cat?!

Truckers & Their Pets: Tora Travels

Tora is one of the most relaxed cats in a cab that you’ll ever meet. Not bad for a kitty whose Instagram account—Tora Travels—boasts over 23,000 followers to date.

Tora just chills with her humans on long, scenic trips—either in little nooks on the dashboard or in the arms of her purrfect companions. (See what we did there?)

Truckers & Their Pets: Old Trucker

This Old Trucker’s TikTok of him getting a kitten named Bobbie went viral, and the rest, as they say, is Internet history.

Sadly, Bobbie passed away only four months later, but Old Trucker kept on truckin’, and now he has several other furry companions rotating in and out of his cab during long hauls, like Popeye, Bacon, and Sasha, just to name a few.

Old Trucker’s TikTok account has over 395,000 followers and five million likes. Not bad for a long-haul trucker. Below is a quick video collage of Bacon and Popeye to the tune of—wait for it—”The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”


Do you have any favorite social media accounts featuring truckers and their pets?

Of course, the above is just a small sample of social media accounts featuring truckers and their pets. And we know the definition of “pets” can run the gamut, too. Some truckers travel with pigs, goats, and birds.

Let us know which accounts you’re a fan of and why. Tag us on FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn.

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