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CDL Drivers Can Face the Highest Speeding Fines in these States
Mariah Barr
6 mins read

MVR monitoring can help put the brakes on CDL speeding tickets and meet your DOT recordkeeping requirements.

There are numerous risks that accompany driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV), but some of them are preventable. CDL speeding tickets and the fines that can possibly result from them are perfect examples.

Committing this traffic violation should be avoided at all costs – unless you want it to cost your company some hefty fines in many states throughout the US. TrafficTickets.com has released the results of their study on the states with the highest CDL speeding ticket fines.

Below, we’ll answer these questions surrounding speeding fines and their potential deterrent: MVR monitoring.

  • What states have the highest speeding fines for CDL drivers?
  • How can you avoid these speeding fines if you employ CDL drivers?
  • What is MVR monitoring?
  • What are the benefits of MVR monitoring?
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Top 10 States with the Highest CDL Speeding Ticket Fines

According to the TrafficTickets.com study, here are the states that may slam CMV drivers with the highest maximum speeding fines.

  1. Illinois - $2,500
  2. Arizona - $2,500
  3. Colorado - $1,000
  4. Nevada -$1,000
  5. Iowa - $625
  6. Connecticut - $560
  7. Maryland - $530
  8. California - $500
  9. Hawaii - $500
  10. Utah - $500

CDL drivers caught speeding may not always be ticketed at the state’s highest fine, but the study also shows that many states have mandatory minimum fines – 13 of which have a minimum speeding fine of over $100 for CDL drivers.

Here are those states with the highest minimum speeding fines for CDL drivers:

  1. California - $230
  2. Florida - $219
  3. Hawaii - $200
  4. Connecticut - $198
  5. Alabama - $190
  6. Texas - $185
  7. Ohio - $175
  8. Indiana - $150
  9. Utah - $150
  10. Oregon - $115
  11. Colorado - $115
  12. Tennessee - $109
  13. Washington - $108

If you employ CDL drivers, what can you do to avoid these steep speeding fines?

CDL drivers should always travel at the posted speed limit; however, if they travel in the states listed above, it clearly pays to pay attention to the legal speeds they should be driving at or under, depending on the conditions.

But how can you, as an employer, ensure your drivers are traveling safely on our roadways? The answer is simple: MVR monitoring.

What is MVR monitoring?

MVR monitoring is a digital solution that keeps track of your drivers’ motor vehicle reports. If they’re cited for a traffic violation, such as speeding, it will show up on their report. When that happens, you’re immediately notified so you can take corrective action as you see fit.

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Remember, FMCSA regulations require you to run an annual motor vehicle report on each driver to check for violations and ensure they’re still qualified to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). But once that report is pulled to fulfill your yearly requirements, you could be in the dark about any driver violations that occur within the next 364 days.

What are the benefits of MVR monitoring?

Knowing when your drivers receive speeding tickets while behind the wheel of your trucks is only the tip of the iceberg with MVR monitoring. Here are the other advantages of the program:

  • Your drivers will know you’re keeping tabs on their driving habits, which may motivate them to use safer driving practices on a regular basis.
  • Insurance companies like to know you’re being proactive in reducing violations. You could see lower insurance premiums if you share your MVR monitoring program enrollment with your agent.
  • If you’re ever faced with a lawsuit as a result of driver negligence, your MVR monitoring program can be a crucial defensive component. It will show the courts you’re not playing the ignorance card, and you’ve taken steps toward being a safer carrier.
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Protect Our Roadways & Reduce CDL Speeding Tickets with MVR Monitoring

While it’s worth knowing the risks of speeding and the potential state fines for doing so, you won’t have to worry about your fleet committing any driving violations with MVR monitoring in place, especially when you work with Foley.

We’ll quickly enroll your drivers, run initial MVR checks to see if there are any current violations, and consistently keep tabs on them going forward. You’ll always know if/when a CDL speeding ticket, accident, DUI, CDL suspension, or another hit shows up on their MVRs. Plus, we can help you with DOT recordkeeping requirements.

The Foley MVR monitoring program is ready to work for you. Schedule a free demo of it with our compliance experts by filling out the form and start operating a safer fleet. 

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