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[WEBINAR] Why Surprise Safety Events Are on the Rise – And How You Can Prepare

[WEBINAR] Why Surprise Safety Events Are on the Rise – And How You Can Prepare

Have you heard the news? There’s been an uptick in surprise enforcement events—the kind that can quickly sideline rigs, lose you money, and even doom your business permanently.

In fact, during a seven-week inspection blitz at the end of 2021, one third of targeted carriers were given a safety rating downgrade of either Conditional or Unsatisfactory.

That’s the bad news. The good news? With the right measures, you can pass whatever inspections the DOT throws your way. This webinar will outline what you need to know.

What we’ll cover:

  • The reasons behind the sudden spike in unannounced enforcement events
  • Why this increase won’t be slowing down in 2022
  • How the recent collaboration between the FMCSA and CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) is impacting carriers
  • The fact that the FMCSA is targeting “unfit” carriers in 2022
  • Why carriers with a Satisfactory safety rating are still targets
  • How you can prepare for an audit
  • What paperwork is required—and in what format
  • How MVR monitoring can help you manage everything
  • What to look for when evaluating digital DOT compliance products
  • How the Foley Platform can help you maintain compliance

Who should attend: HR managers, safety managers, fleet owners, and anyone who is responsible for DOT compliance at your company

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