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[WEBINAR PANEL] How to Unlock the Potential of your CSA Scores and Driver Data for 2024

[WEBINAR PANEL] How to Unlock the Potential of your CSA Scores and Driver Data for 2024

Keeping track of CSA scores and driver activity is critical for success. If you’re not monitoring these daily, you risk falling behind, missing compliance issues, and letting valuable information fall through the cracks.  
In this ever-changing digital world, you need a solution that does the work for you, automatically reviews your data in real-time, and summarizes it for you every day. 

You can gain real-time visibility into driver activity like never before all while staying on top of your CSA scores.  

Learn about how you can dramatically reduce costs and reduce risk for your business, all with data. 

This Foley webinar will discuss exactly that. The expert panel discussion will cover: 

  • Challenges that scaling businesses face today
  • How companies currently track CSA scores and driver activity 
  • The importance of reviewing driver activity and CSA scores daily 
  • How to use data to reduce risk, lower insurance premiums, and build driver training programs 
  • Ways you can set your company up for success in 2024 
  • Learn about Foley’s brand-new CSA Monitor product! 

Who should attend: Company executives, CFO/finance managers, Safety/compliance managers, HR managers, fleet owners 
Host: Radhika Pandya, Product Marketing Manager 


Scott Mogensen – Head of Solutions Enablement  

Nicole Kohlweiss – Manager, Customer Success  

Jeff Pierantozzi – Director of Data Science 

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