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[WEBINAR] How to Avoid Driver File Recordkeeping Violations & Fines During Your Next Audit

[WEBINAR] How to Avoid Driver File Recordkeeping Violations & Fines During Your Next Audit

Simply creating driver qualification files once and never touching them again isn’t enough.  

You must regularly maintain them to comply with FMCSA requirements.  

But how can you make sure your driver files are compliant from the start? Or how do you get your current driver files up to the latest federal standards?  

This informational webinar will give you the easiest methods to create and manage DOT-compliant driver files.  

What we’ll cover: 

  • Overview of Regulation Part 391: Understand if/how it applies to your business 
  • Driver file basics: The driver qualification file vs. the safety performance history (hint: you need both files) 
  • How to determine if your current files are compliant: An overview of required documents 
  • Required file retention: How long to keep specific files, according to the FMCSA 
  • How to start driver files right: Keeping pre-employment to post-hire documents for all your drivers 
  • How Foley’s software makes driver files easy: Think online driver file management and compliance alerts 

 Host: Karly Mulligan, Foley Compliance Onboarding Consultant 

Who should attend: HR managers, safety managers, fleet owners, and anyone who is responsible for DOT compliance at your company 

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