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[WEBINAR] The Critical Role of MVR Monitoring in Protecting Your Business

[WEBINAR] The Critical Role of MVR Monitoring in Protecting Your Business

If your fleet’s safety culture is lacking, now’s the time to do something about it. Because if you don’t, it could cost you BIG time in the form of pricy litigation, skyrocketing insurance premiums, bad PR—even bankruptcy.

Think we’re exaggerating? Think again.

  • FACT: Each year, 20% of every fleet is involved a crash, and just one “bent metal” crash can cost employers $5,800 on average. For a fleet of 1000 drivers, this amounts to 200 crashes and $1.6 million every year—and that’s assuming there aren’t any injuries or fatalities.
  • FACT: Nuclear verdicts (monetary awards that exceed $10 million) are on the rise, particularly in cases against trucking companies.
  • FACT: The average verdict award (not including settlements) has climbed to $17.5 million.

Source: Fleet Management Weekly

Creating a true culture of safety—and implementing key programs to support it—will go a LONG way in protecting your fleet from expensive lawsuits and possible financial ruin.

Join us for our upcoming webinar where we discuss how to audit your current safety culture, ways you can improve it, and the absolute must-have program you should implement ASAP.

What we’ll cover:

  • What exactly is a safety culture? (Hint: It’s not the same as DOT compliance!)
  • Strategies for boosting safety awareness
  • The rise of nuclear verdicts—and how it affects carriers
  • How you can protect your fleet from nuclear verdicts
  • A key program you should implement right away: MVR monitoring
  • What MVR monitoring is
  • How MVR monitoring works (including examples of what you’ll see)
  • The violations that MVR monitoring can help prevent
  • Why Foley’s MVR monitoring program is the best option

Who should attend: HR managers, fleet owners, and anyone who is responsible for hiring drivers and DOT compliance at your company

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