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[WEBINAR] How to Prepare for Offsite Compliance Reviews

[WEBINAR] How to Prepare for Offsite Compliance Reviews

DOT offsite audits are replacing onsite audits for both new entrant safety audits and compliance reviews. Here’s what this new process means for your business—and how you can prepare.

When the FMCSA began conducting offsite audits in 2019, the audits consisted of safety audits and focused reviews—rarely did the FMCSA do offsite compliance reviews.

The reason for the shift to offsite audits? They’re faster and cheaper for the FMCSA to conduct.

Well, guess what? Turns out the same holds true for compliance reviews, something confirmed during the pandemic. As a result, the FMCSA recently issued regulatory guidance that now allows the agency to determine carrier safety ratings (Satisfactory, Conditional, or Unsatisfactory) through an offsite audit. Prior to the pandemic, an Unsatisfactory rating could only be issued through an onsite compliance review.

Bottom line: Your business MUST be prepared for offsite compliance reviews.

This webinar will help.

What we’ll cover:

  • The difference between offsite and onsite compliance reviews
  • The information auditors will be looking for
  • How much time you’ll have to submit documentation (think days rather than weeks!)
  • The best ways to prepare
  • The benefits of using an online system for managing everything

Who should attend: fleet owners/operators, HR managers, safety managers, and anyone who is responsible for managing compliance at your company

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