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[WEBINAR] How to Manage Driver File Recordkeeping (Without Going Crazy)

[WEBINAR] How to Manage Driver File Recordkeeping (Without Going Crazy)

Making the shift to digital recordkeeping for your driver qualification files is no longer optional.

Fact: The FMCSA is conducting more offsite audits. And when the FMCSA asks for your driver files, they can expect them in as little as 48 hours.

Bottom line: Your paper driver files may not be up to the FMCSA’s standards. The longer you rely on paper instead of pixels, the longer you’re putting your company at risk of out-of-service orders and fines of up to $34,712.

This Foley webinar will cover how to meet your company’s driver file recordkeeping requirements and why switching to digital is critical to pass a compliance audit.

What we’ll cover:

  • Driver file basics: What is Regulation 391?
  • Who needs driver qualification files
  • The FMCSA’s transition to digital
  • The perils of sloppy recordkeeping
  • Driver qualification files vs. safety performance history
  • Recordkeeping basics, including record retention rules
  • Why ongoing driver file management is important
  • The numerous problems with paper files
  • The many benefits of going digital
  • What to look for in a digital solution and partner
  • How Foley’s software solution works

Who should attend: HR managers, safety managers, fleet owners, and anyone who is responsible for DOT compliance at your company 

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