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[WEBINAR] Clearinghouse Queries Best Practices

[WEBINAR] Clearinghouse Queries Best Practices

Learn How To Run Compliant Clearinghouse Queries

The DOT Clearinghouse has been in effect since January. During the first three months alone, over 12,000 violations were reported.

Remember: employers who don’t comply with Clearinghouse requirements are subject to civil and/or criminal penalties (with civil penalties potentially reaching $2,500 for each offense).

But here’s an even BIGGER issue: even if you believe you’re following the regulation perfectly, your organization could still be at risk. Why? Because doing the minimum has been shown NOT to be enough for full compliance and safety.

Don’t put your organization at risk! In our upcoming webinar, you can learn the best practices for running compliant Clearinghouse queries.

What we’ll cover:
  • Overview of Clearinghouse basics, including why employers AND drivers must register
  • Why you might think you’re doing everything compliantly, even though you might not be in actuality
  • Next steps if a Limited Clearinghouse Check shows that information exists (bottom line: you need to act FAST because the clock is ticking!)
  • Pre-employment querying requirements and annual querying requirements for existing drivers
  • The benefits of automating your Clearinghouse query management through a third-party administrator (TPA)
  • and more!

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