Amazon Ends Partnerships With Logistics Providers Due to Safety Issues

Lindsey Bergeron

“Some of these companies have not met our bar for safety, performance or working conditions, and we’re in the process of exiting them from the program.”

Amazon Spokeswoman
Issues surrounding safety and driver working conditions were listed as the primary reasons why Amazon has cut ties with small to medium-size logistics companies across the country. The decision to end these business relationships has led to over 2,000 drivers losing their jobs – and the closing of at least one logistics company.

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“Prior to launching the Delivery Service Partner program to empower entrepreneurs to build their businesses with Amazon, we contracted with a number of small logistics companies,” the spokeswoman for Amazon said. “Some of these companies have not met our bar for safety, performance or working conditions, and we’re in the process of exiting them from the program.”

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Although Amazon has promised that all of the impacted drivers will have positions available to them with other Amazon partners, the issue does highlight the importance of maintaining high levels of safety and compliance – something that can be slightly more challenging for these small to mid-sized carriers, which may lack the internal resources to manage adequately.

For these carriers, the best decision is often to partner with a DOT compliance provider that can manage these programs on their behalf. At Foley, this begins in the pre-hire process by helping carriers select safe, experienced drivers through a thorough application and screening process. We can then automatically manage many of their compliance requirements on an ongoing basis through our electronic portal and provide alerts when CDLs or medical cards need to be updated, for example. For added safety, our MVR Monitoring program ensures that you’re immediately notified if a driver gets into an accident, receives a speeding violation or is unable to drive due to a suspended license.

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