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[EBOOK] Are You Ready for Hair Follicle Drug Testing?

[EBOOK] Are You Ready for Hair Follicle Drug Testing?
Our Free Ebook Explores the Changing World of DOT-Drug Testing

A big change is coming to the motor carrier industry: by the year’s end, hair follicle drug testing will likely be an acceptable alternative to urinalysis for the purpose of DOT drug testing. This, combined with the coming Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse, has many in the industry thinking about the potential implications this change will have on their business…or their career as a DOT-regulated driver.

In this free ebook, we explore the ins and outs of hair follicle drug testing to provide you with a comprehensive overview of this important regulatory change. You’ll learn:

  • How hair testing compares to urinalysis
  • How drugs are detected
  • The hair testing process
  • Future implications for drivers and employers

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