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[EBOOK] Safety Ratings & Offsite Audits: What You Need to Know

[EBOOK] Safety Ratings & Offsite Audits: What You Need to Know

A bad safety rating can signal the end of a motor carrier’s business. Why? Because it can take a long time for a motor carrier to undo the damage of an Unsatisfactory rating​ (And that doesn’t even take into account how much it will cost.)

Even worse? In 2020, DOT auditors were given authority to issue Conditional and Unsatisfactory ratings during offsite audits. Why are offsite audits such a problem? Because they require the carrier to submit all files electronically within 48 hours—or else.

Bottom line: If you’re not fully prepared for an offsite audit, you’re putting your safety rating at risk.

Now for the good news: Our new ebook will help you understand and better navigate these murky waters.

What we’ll cover:

  • What safety ratings are and how the DOT uses them
  • The three types of safety ratings: Satisfactory, Conditional, and Unsatisfactory
  • Why safety ratings are critical to the success or failure of a carrier’s business
  • How safety ratings are calculated and how to find out your score
  • Why it’s so hard to recover from a Conditional or Unsatisfactory safety rating
  • How MVR monitoring can help improve a poor rating or maintain a Satisfactory rating
  • The impact that offsite audits are now having on carriers’ safety ratings
  • Why carriers need a good digital solution to always keep files audit-ready
  • What to look for in a comprehensive digital solution

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